08 December 2010


Two days ago we celebrated the life of my baby boy, Elisha David Huffman. I feel like we skipped a year, the time has gone by so fast! I'll still call him my baby though, at least as long as he'll let me. It's been an absolute joy to have him as a son. Three is such a fun age, although people say that it's three's that are terrible not the two's. I mean, sure, he has his moments but I don't plan on labeling him as a terrible three, its terrific three. He is so much fun. He doesn't talk all that much yet but from time to time we can actually carry on a short conversation. I enjoy hearing his point of view on the world, well at least most of it. He didn't really catch the whole concept of turning a year older. He had it down with saying he was two and holding up two fingers. So far he has highly disagreed with us every time we try and tell him he is three. "No mama, I not treeeee, I TWO!" I'm sure turning four will be a different story. But hey, if he wants to stay two, I will gladly let him! For his birthday this year, since we had just flown in, we kept it small and simple. My mom put it all together at their house. Both of Elisha's grandparents were there to celebrate. We celebrated the day before his actual birthday with the grandparents so that Bud's parents could head back to west Texas afterwards. We had pizza, cake, and presents. What more could a three year old little boy ask for! On his actual birthday, my parents kept Claire for us while we took Elisha to lunch and to run errands. We were able to pour all our attention into him and make it his special day. We decided that if he fully understood, that he would really want to go for Chick-fil-a for lunch. I mean, it's been over 7 months since he last had it and it is one of the greatest places to eat. Ha. Plus there's a playground inside that is clean and air-conditioned. For sure a treat for him! We took a stroll through the mall for an overload of American culture. Yikes. There was one of those trampolines with bungee cords that they strap kids into. He LOVED it. Unfortunately it cost way more than it was worth so we only let him do it once and he was very sad to leave. On the way home we stopped by Wal-mart and let him pick out a toy. We had many options for him to choose from but what did he choose? A $2 cowboy hat and $6 fake cowboy gun. We got a good laugh. And we're thankful for a cheap birthday! Here's a few picture from his birthday party with grandparents...

Elisha's birthday table
The handsome little three year old.
His favorite part. He was looking more forward to blowing out candles than eating cake.
Thank you Aunt Kim and Uncle Zach!
And his Pawpaw (aka, my dad) didn't want to join in all the fun of wearing a hat. Elisha asked please.....
And my dad is a softy when it comes to his grandkids
Eli and his Poppa
Buz turned into a gun.
And I'm not taking the spotlight off my son's birthday to shed it on my daughter, BUT, I just had to put these on here since I have many more pictures to update on Mattaw.

Her first pigtails!
Lovely indeed.


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