17 November 2010

Walls go up

And the building continues! We have built almost all the walls of Amani House in one day! It was loads of fun to watch them go up so quickly and be a part of it. Here's some awesome pictures from today.... (it's probably pretty obvious which ones Phil took and edited as oppose to my amateur photos)

THE brick

Amani (peace)

That is my hubs I'm hugging here... in case you didn't know all his hair is gone!

Georgie and I

Our house dads helping to build

Juma with his little guitar/drum toy made from a stick, string, and a margarine tub

Me, Betsy, Dalene

Georgie being Georgie. Cute as can be.

When playing golf it's always good to wear goggles... according to my almost three yr. old

The most precious sweet pea

And she's all mine!

More building and filming tomorrow....


Amy D said...

I'm reading back, reading back and don't even know where to jump in, so I figured "why not here?". I love that you are in Kenya and I love what you are doing. Our first sponsored child, through Compassion, is from Kenya. I have a special place in my heart for it. I will be following your journey!

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