15 November 2010

new pics

What does a Monday look like around here? Every Monday is different. Today Dalene and I headed to step fitness at 8am. Yes, there is a gym in town! It's not so shabby either. It kicks our rear actually. Bud went to work bright and early as well. He is still prepping for house three to be built. He is just waiting for the windows to be finished before the filming begins.

Dalene and I then had a date for breakfast and then did our weekly grocery shopping. It only took going to three places this time rather than five. I usually have to go into several grocery stores to gather everything needed, plus getting fruit and veggies on the street, and then the meat lady's house which is in our neighborhood. Her meat is trustworthy. On our way to buy meet we saw a few men walking, one with a puppy in hand and another with a box on his shoulder. We admired the puppy and I said to Dalene "awww... should we stop and look?" to which she quickly responded "yes!". They were so cute and obviously mistreated as most dogs are in this country. We felt the sudden impulse to save ones life. So we bought one for $10. I was not thinking it through, it was love again. But what I didn't consider is my husband. Oops. To make a long story short, we found a home quickly for Chapati. Yep, we named him. We even bathed him in flea and tick wash and fed the poor thing. Chapati now lives at our neighbors house and our guard intends to check on him from time to time to see how he is.

We then had lunch and headed to Mattaw. Our professional film dude got some great pictures of all our children today that we will use for new profile pictures that will be sent to sponsors. I also worked on profiles for our children that will be in house three and they will be available to sponsor when we go around speaking in January and February of 2011. Betsy, Dalene, and I followed Phil around the Mattaw property while he did a photo shoot of all our children. He finished the photo shoot with a group photo and some filming for the video. I can't wait to see it! We should be starting the building and filming of house three on Wednesday.

Here is the Phil Hamer and some sneak peaks at the photos he took a few days ago...





And if you want to read up on the Hamers, you can go here..... www.inhamertime.blogspot.com


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