14 November 2010

Mattaw Partaaay

Check out these fabulous necklaces! Our children are helping to make beads like these that will go towards their own fundraiser for a family vacation! If you know much about Mattaw Children's Village, you know we are much into restoring the family and how God intended a child to grow up. What a privilege it is for a child to go on a family vacation. Something I took for granted growing up but look back on and am so thankful for. Bud and I recall great family vacation memories and hope to make that possible for our children at Mattaw as well. We are highly against child slavery so in NO way are we making our kids make jewelry to raise money for their basic needs. All the funds raised from the necklaces and bracelets they make will go directly to a fund for their family vacation. We will see how much they fundraise before deciding where to go. They hope to go to the beach on the coast of Kenya. When we asked them, some actually asked to go visit their sponsor in America. I love it that they are dreaming big! Maybe one day they will but for now we ideally encourage them to think of a place in Kenya.

So while we are in the states from Dec-Feb, we will be doing Mattaw house parties. We will sell various African crafts and necklaces that will go towards helping us do what we do as well as a general fund for running Mattaw Children's Village (this is to make up for the amount when we do not have enough sponsors or sponsors have to quit their support unexpectedly). Then we will have these necklaces also available that will go into the family vacation fund as explained above. If you are interested in hosting a party, please contact us: mattaw@yahoo.com. It is a very informal party. We'll have items available to purchase, we'll give a brief update on Mattaw, show some adorable pictures, show the new short video currently being made for Mattaw Children's Village, and have some Kenyan snacks. Contact us very soon though!


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