31 August 2010

Claire is 6 months old!

In the last post I mentioned that that day Claire was 6 months old and should get her own post to talk about what she is doing these days....

At 6 months old, the princess is...

-sitting up well, a bit wobbly when focusing on a toy, but overall sitting on her own
-has two bottom teeth
-eating baby food twice a day, like bananas with baby cereal the best but will eat carrots and cereal if that's all there is. tried butternut squash and wasn't a big fan, we'll try again later. really loves avocados which totally throws me off since Elisha didn't at all. you're a good little eater!
-eating teething biscuits and makes a huge mess
-liking tummy time, especially likes to be on tummy when big brother is playing with his cars and she can grab them
-when waking up she doesn't cry first thing but chills out in her crib and rolls around for awhile, then lets out a little fuss (unlike Eli was)
-sleeping through the night but due to late nights out at friends' houses, is late to bed and has a hard time going out for the night, but we're getting there!
-likes her walker but can only go backwards right now
-wears a bow almost everyday and has only lost one in her lifetime
-still mostly 3-6 months clothes, but mom likes to bust out new 6-12 month clothes even if they do hang off her
-loves big brother
-laughs often and easily
-recognizes certain people now, mostly mama, dad, Eli, and Violet
-loves walking outside and watching the dogs play, and if she's tired when doing this she'll most likely fall asleep
-likes to be sung to and rocked to sleep every now and then (her mama loves this!)
-shedding more hair but now more is coming in, it's looking blonde but could have a red tint
-is getting more beautiful everyday!


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