22 June 2010

Team update

The team arrived this past Saturday. All has gone GREAT! This team came last year and they were very prepared. I would write more updates about their time here so far but I'm about to head out the door to take my children to the Dr. Elisha was up a lot last night and had a fever so we're going to go get a check up. There's an American Doctor not far from here that we'll go to.

Here's Alicia and Julianne. They are here for a month, bunkin up in the guesthouse with Betsy and Georgina. They are so precious and I'm excited to walk through life with them in the next month.

The team playing games with the kids Saturday afternoon

Playing tag where you join hands and the outside kids can only tag. They caught on quick and loved it! Notice Bud running hardcore with them too.

Making bracelets

Brock preaching Sunday morning, he's the missions pastor from the church this team is from

Keep scrolling down if you're interested to see updates on the most adorable children!


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