08 June 2010

Team Salem update

We were thankful for the team being so flexible yesterday. The vehicle needed a small repair so we didn't get out to Mattaw until 10:30... or was it 11:30? The generator out at Mattaw ran out of fuel to pump water and the rope broke that you pull to start the generator. So water was having to be conserved and there wasn't much to be done as far as cleaning went around the homes. One of the boys on the team, Adam, was very sick the night before and needed to see a doctor to get tested for malaria just to be sure. Bud took him and his mom out to a trusted doctor about 15 minutes on the other side of Kitale from Mattaw. Thankfully he didn't have malaria but tests showed he did have a bacterial infection. His mom nursed him back to good health yesterday and he started taking antibiotics. Today he rested up to make sure it was going away and tonight he was able to eat and crack a few smiles. Yesterday for lunch there was a mix up in the staff making enough food for the team. So I went into town to get stuff for pb&j. We didn't make it back out to Mattaw until 1:30 in order for the team to eat. Did I mention there are four teenage boys on the team and a girl in jr. high? BUT, let me just say again how flexible and amazing they were. With all that didn't go according to schedule, no one complained, and it was a great day!

Today we made it out to Mattaw by 9:30. The team helped out with washing clothes and bathing the small children...

Lucy "helping" hang clothes

Lucy getting a bath

Scott and Bud helping prepare lunch. It was matoke today. These are cooking bananas. They're bananas but taste like potatoes. They're my favorite lunch at Mattaw. The team enjoyed it too.

After lunch they played with the younger kids and then did a craft with all the children. They made paper airplanes and friendship bracelets. The kids loved it! (Bud dropped me at home after lunch so Claire could get a good nap... and me too :), then Bud ran errands in town and payed a bunch of bills) The team came back to the Karibuni lodge around 4:30, rested, cleaned up a bit and we went over there to eat dinner with them at 6:30. Lets call it a day!

Here is a picture from memorial day. And I wished I would have taken more pictures! We went with another missionary family to the Kitale Club and spent the day swimming and relaxing. I'm pretty sure I talked about this already? Not sure. Although not a holiday here, it was nice to take the day off and relax. And we remembered our soldiers and the sacrifices many have made for America. God bless those families!

Bud and Scott playing catch with Elisha in the pool

"Jesus, continue to move in hearts to love on those once orphaned and abandoned. Protect the team from any sicknesses and bless them with a full nights rest tonight. Use the children to teach those that have come from America and use the team to show the children even more how much they're loved. Remind us that all we do is for YOUR name and your glory. Holy Spirit continue to lead us in all we do. That we would be compelled by your love in all we do."

Another full day tomorrow...


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