07 June 2010

Meet Scott!

What a beautiful day today. Skies are clear, sun is shining, a cool breeze blows through our screened in front porch as I have my coffee while listening to music from the world mandate conference we went to in January in Waco, TX and type up this quick update.

Team Fargo arrived safely with no major problems and are adjusting great. We are thrilled to have them here. 

Below is a picture of Scott Harder. We are SO thankful that Scott has come over for the summer to be the team coordinator. He'll be here a total of 3 months. He has also helped out in taking over some responsibilities Hollie had. Scott is from Minnesota. He has been here a few times before and just saw the need to come and do what he is doing. I'm glad he had an eye for the need! He has communicated with the team leaders beforehand in helping prepare teams and do all the logistics for them getting here and while they are here. He also travels to Nairobi to meet the team at the airport when they fly in. His job description while here is actually probably too long to list! A BIG thanks to Scott for all he is doing for us and Mattaw Ministries. (oh and not to mention he is GREAT at playing with Elisha and holding Claire, just an added bonus every now and then :) )


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