25 June 2010

I want some more!

A few nights before the team left we had dinner out at the home and had an extra treat for the children. They stayed pretty busy throughout the day but you can read more and see more pictures by clicking HERE.

The team brought with them all that was needed to make the delicious American treat: s'mores. And they were, OH, so good! The children loved them too. So maybe one time we'll have to figure out how to do it again with what we can find here. It looked like the rain was coming when the sun was setting so rather than eating dinner first, we broke the rules and had dessert so that the children could enjoy eating s'mores around the fire.

The fire


Eric checkin it out

A couple on the team with George

Sharon showing the goodness in her mouth

Making s'mores and eating some more

Peekin over dad's shoulder


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