25 June 2010

Claire and pool

Happy 4 month old birthday to my little sweet pea! The team left yesterday so today we took off and went to the pool for some sun and relaxation. It was a bit iffy if the sun was going to come out and warm us up since it's rainy season, but it did for awhile. Here's some fun updates on Claire...

-she has been rolling over from her back to stomach and today rolled from her stomach to back for the first time
-still drools a ton, convincing us a tooth is on the way
-many times can not be comforted by any except her mom
-gets to really giggling by her dad tickling her
-still wears 0-3 month clothes
-usually sleeps from 8-4am, eats, then goes to sleep till 6, eats again then sleeps till 9. Not bad.
-has the sweetest little voice and likes to jabber
-is holding her head up better but still probably not "on target" according to books, but who's keeping score? Not me. She'll hold it up great in time.
-LOVES her baths and really gets to kicking during bath time
-has been held most of her life by people. you could say she is a people person.
-does not like her car seat unless she is already asleep and then the bumps keeps her asleep for hours
-and a not so fun fact is that she has malaria for the first time. stinks!

Here's the sweet little princess at the pool today (she didn't swim in the cold water but she is soon to outgrow this swimsuit so I just had to put the cute thing on her)...

Here's Elisha's little friend, Zoe. She is absolutely adorable! They have their moments of being bestest friends... then soon after, one of them is usually crying. What's that verse in the bible? A friend is like iron that sharpens iron? They're good for teaching each other important lessons such as sharing and such. Here's one of their bestest friend moments...

They were leaning over a wall that goes around the pool and checking out a tractor that was mowing. It was cute.
Here's some of us at least sticking our feet in. Oh and pray for Bella, she's in pink. She was diagnosed with malaria and typhoid today.
Keep scrolling down to see another update on the team that just left...


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