09 May 2010

Leavin... on a jest plane... dont know when we'll be back again

No joke. As I said in the title of this post. We leave on a plane TOMORROW! And I'm really not sure when we'll be back. Our work permits last until September. Then we can get a 3 month visa. Renew it once for 3 more months, making that 6 months past September. Meaning we'd have to come back by March next year. Unless God provides a miracle for us to get new work permits before then. It's complicated actually. One of the perks of living in a third world country! Ha!

So, we leave tomorrow. Crazy huh? It really has not set in for me. I'm so ready to be back and feel like we have accomplished everything we were supposed to while here. But I really can not believe we leave tomorrow! I've been asked several times what I'm feeling... nervous since I now have children? and a little girl at that? feeling its just the norm? excited? not sure? excited? ready? like its a whole new adventure? YES. Especially the last one.

Ok, little miss is crying. I will write more on this post later. But I will at least get it posted so in case I don't get back on the computer at least I've done this much.

Please pray for our travels back to Kenya! We leave Monday, get to Kenya Tuesday night (1pm Tuesday afternoon- Texas time).

Pics from the last few days...


The Beavers said...

We are praying for an amazingly great trip/flight for you guys and the kids!

Elisha looks so grown up with his new haircut! I can't believe you finally did it!

Emily (from JoMo) said...

Praying for you!!!
So excited for you to be back home!

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