18 April 2010

Up late with a heavy heart....

It's midnight and I can't sleep.

We're in Munday, TX. Not the day of the week, Monday, but the town, Munday. (and its a podunk Texan kind of town, haha) My dad's first cousin, who he grew up with, lives here and is an elder at a church that we will speak at in the morning. It's the second time we've been here and are starting to form more of a relationship with the people here. One of those God connections that we can only give God thanks and the glory to. Anywho.

I got both the babies asleep and trying to work on a slide show for in the morning. I ran across this video below. I'm so broken all over again for the orphaned and forgotten that lay cold and alone at night with no mommy and daddy. I LOVE this song, about fighting to get them. My heart longs for justice amongst the broken, forgotten, lonely, orphaned, abandoned, and widowed. I am reminded why we do what we do. It's a huge part of God's heart. And if it's his, I sure want it to be mine. Sometimes, like during this season in our life, it's sometimes hard for me to think about the reality that there are children out there, completely alone, sad, desperate, hungry, cold, with no mommy to hug them, no one to rely on for food, no one to tell them who Jesus is, no one to read them a bed time story, tuck them in under a warm blanket, hold their hand when they're afraid, kiss their boo-boo's, wipe the tears, and tell them "i love you". My heart shatters because the reality is, there are so many children out there like that. Every child deserves to be cherished, cared for and loved.

We are down to getting 9 more sponsorships (not including ones we sent out to churches and individuals to try and get for us). Once they are all filled, we will work hard as we can to get another house built. We for sure have a recent donation for house three that should come in a month or two... PRAISE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for provision!!!!!!! That means everything is lining up and that much closer to us being able to go and rescue a new group of children! We have a new administration office being set up in San Angelo in order to work more effectively in America and in Kenya. This is a big hallelujah as well! The registration for our school and home is in the works in Kenya. All these things happening in order to rescue more children. Even simple things like getting new pamphlets made, just so that maybe one more person would catch the vision and heart for Mattaw, sponsor a child, and get us that much closer to rescuing more.

I think of Lucy and how she was so defenseless just a year ago. She was all alone, barely holding on to dear life, defending herself from poverty and sickness, and no doubt supernaturally protected by God. There's no reason that she should have lived as long as she has under the conditions she was in. She was saved just in time and I pray that God would intervene and keep the children alive out there that are within reach of us, those that we will get to go rescue this year and provide a family for them at Mattaw. Oh the JOY that comes in the morning! Please pray that ALL sponsorships for the children at Mattaw would be taken care of before we go back in a few weeks. If you would like more information on how the sponsorships work or if you'd like to sponsor a child, now is the time! Go to the website... www.mattawchildren.com. Now, enjoy the video....

To the children out there that are within reach of us... as the song says.... these thoughts of you are like bullets to my soul, i've got to find a way to get you home. I'll find a way to get you home, if it takes my fleeting breath. Another sunrise hits the ground and its a dark and lonely sight. I hope you know, there's someone searching for the way to get you home. I will get you here. As angels hold you tight, may you sleep in peace tonight.

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