13 March 2010

Two weeks

Two weeks has FLOWN by. I really don't know how my days get away from me! Oh wait, yes I do, from being a mommy of two now! I picked up on an incident where Bud hasn't realized we now have kidS, plural. A sweet couple from the church called Bud and said they wanted to bring over presents for the kids. So Bud kept saying for a few days "oh so and so are bringing stuff for the Mattaw kids". So then the couple comes over and they brought a present for Elisha and one for Claire... our kidS! Haha.

We had our first outing last week. Actually over a week ago. Claire was exactly one week old, so whatever day that was. We first went and she had her modeling shoot. Hehe. She was a newborn model for a local photographer. Through a friend of a friend, we found out this photographer was looking for a newborn model less than two weeks. We got a free portrait and no session fees out of it so why not?! You can go to www.thuffmanphotography.com to see some of them. Scroll down some though, I dont think she's at the top of the blog anymore. She did great. I was a bit worried at first because she got real squirmy, but once she was put in the set where she's in this box with flowers around it, she blew poo out the back of it and slept like a baby the rest of the pictures. (yes, i did just say "blew poo", didn't know a sweet little one week old girl could do it!) We took Elisha as well, me thinking that was a bad mistake, but he ended up playing with the photographers little boy the entire time so it worked out. So then after her pictures we went and ate lunch, just the four of us, eating out. It turned out to be a really pleasant meal. The waitresses ooed and awed at Claire and Elisha sat quietly coloring and eating. Since then we've been out quite a bit and going from one to two is quite a change! We are loving every bit of it though. We spoke to the Cornerstone Elementary during their chapel time last week. This was so much fun for us! Talking about our precious kids to a group of kids was neat. They talk and pray about missionaries in their class so it was good for them to connect and see we're just normal people like everyone else... not this far off person that did something really really good to be able to be chosen by God to do that (like I used to think growing up and hearing about missionaries in sunday school). We gave them a chance to ask questions at the end and they were crackin us up. One of them asked "do you ride giraffes?". I also realized when we got there that I forgot to pack diapers for Claire. I mean, really?! So she ended up exploding and wore one of Elisha's. We pretty much were wrapping the tabs twice around her and could almost stick her arms through with her legs. I've definitely had a few forgetful moments like that in the past weeks.

Now that Claire is here, I really can't imagine life without her. It's hard to remember my pregnant days, they seem so long ago. And I'm thankful for that! Not that my pregnancies are that hard but I just did not feel myself most of the time. I feel like I could run a marathon with all the energy I have now.... well not quite yet. (I'm already looking ahead to schedule our next marathon next year though!) I'm just incredibly thankful for such a quick recovery. Claire's night schedule is still not a schedule by any means. Some nights she sleeps a lot, others she is up and fussin off and on. The last Dr. appointment we went to, the Dr. said she has a bit of colic. There's not much you do for it other than figure out what suits her. I haven't found one thing specifically. Last night I was up at midnight with her and finally got out of bed to sit in the recliner. She was out asleep as soon as I did so I went back to bed and she woke up super fussy. So back to the recliner we go and she's out cold again. I stayed put and she ended up sleeping SEVEN hours! Hey, whatever works! Bud is amazing to make sure I get a nap during the days, so the night feedings are really not bad. She's worth it all!

I could just keep writing and writing, I don't want to forget these early days with her. The big brother is doing great as well. We just keep thinking he might figure out that attention has to be shared between them and not like her as much but he continues to be the sweetest thing to her. He has his moments of being extremely persistent to get in my lap while I'm feeding her but I eventually manage to squeeze him on my lap and he's content. Here are some pictures....

My last pregnant pic with Claire. I so dont look that happy but I actually didn't know Bud was taking the picture, so he went to take it again and the battery died, so this was a week before Claire came... and we got the battery charged the DAY OF her birth. Just in time!
Two weeks before Claire was born. I forgot to post these...
Sweet big brother
Elisha playing "this little piggy..."
Trying to play with Claire
Still not interested
Sweet dad. Lookin a little tired.
Elisha and his Baba eating dessert
Speaking of dessert, in this picture is dessert from one of the meals brought to us. We are SO grateful for all the meals brought to us from people! It has been a HUGE blessing. One less thing I had to think about doing during the first few weeks of Claire being here. So in case any of you read this that have brought us meals, a huge THANK YOU for that! Last night was our last meal to be brought to us but we've still got leftovers. I can not express our gratefulness! And not just any meal, good meals. Homemade meals. Yum. Thank you.


Shaunna said...

Addi had colic, and we spent many of our nights sleeping in the recliner!! Sleep in the recliner is waaay better than no sleep at all! Your babies are precious!!

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