04 March 2010


For those that might have just started following our blog and are looking for updates on Kenya and Mattaw, let me warn you. Our heart is very much in Kenya and I don't think a day goes by that Bud and I don't talk about our excitement to get back "home". For now though, my updates are mostly about our newest family member, Claire! We're pretty proud of her and for myself and Claire I have to keep some good updates about her so we can read up on them one day. I will give somewhat of an update on happenings with Mattaw...

Hollie is there and doing great. Please lift her up though, I know there are probably days that get overwhelming and people tend to try and rely on her for a lot of things, especially with her being the only international team member over there right now. Sounds like she is back in full swing of living out life there and adjusting to all the "normal" things we do there. But when I say normal, it's probably not the normal you think of. As for the kids, they're all doing great except please pray for Geoffrey. He is in Penda house, the first house. He has been back and forth to the Dr and was in the hospital a few weeks ago. Hollie decided to admit him at Sister Freda's cottage hospital yesterday to get better attention and care. They're saying its possible he has malaria in his liver and that's why it keeps coming back and not showing up on malaria tests. We need a miracle! With medicine or simply a touch from Jesus. Please intercede for him! We'll keep you posted on how he's doing. On the state side of Mattaw stuff, most of you may already know, but we've made a new transition with the legal/administrative aspect of Mattaw. It's an exciting and big step we've taken but none the less, the Lord has directed us this way and I just want to go where His presence is. I continue to read about Moses everywhere I turn and the main thing is that Moses said to God that unless his presence goes before him, he wont go. I want to live daily with that as our first priority! So Mattaw is now its own non-profit organization with a 501(3)(c) status, meaning its tax-exempt. You can get more information on the website: www.mattawchildren.com. Anyways, I'll probably talk more about this and how its been for us personally. God never ceases to amaze us with how things turn out exactly how we didn't think! In the best way possible. We didn't know this would be happening when we decided to come home for an extended break. Now that it has though, we see this was a major reason of us being back for awhile. All of this has gone right alongside perfectly with my pregnancy with Claire and her birth. It's actually nuts. But I think its also one of those things that I really can't put into words but Bud, myself and those close to us see it. Even more, it's something that's been a personal journey with the Lord of learning, leaning in, and listening very closely.

Ok, onto Claire! Here's her first bath, it was the day she came home from the hospital. Her face was getting a little rashy and I thought maybe from all the people adoring her cute cheeks with their oily hands and kisses (mostly that being her mom and her!). It was more of a sponge bath but it did help to make the little bumps go away. Her hair was also lookin a bit oily and we just can't have that!

Getting ready for the plunge in

"Not liking this mom!"

"seriously, what are you doing?!"

"Ok, this is getting better, in some warm cute comfy clothes"

"ahhhh, much better, all bundled and warm"

My parents came for a quick visit like I mentioned. I was SOOOO excited. We didn't think they'd be able to come until next weekend with my dad's job but we got a surprise! I was so emotional and wacky in the hospital that having my mom here for a bit made everything better. Not that things weren't good, yeah, another one of those things you cant put into words. Anywho, here we are, three generations of girls. My mom was and is so crazy about her! She cried with excitement on the phone when she called to tell me they were on their way.

My mom and dad with me, Bud and Claire (Elisha was at the park playing with the Caldwell's)

She pretty much disappeared in her Pawpaw's hands! And might I add, Claire has not made Elisha disappear. Sunday morning my parents went to church with us for a little bit until Elisha fell asleep. They offered to take him over to the apartment and let him sleep. He happened to wake up when they got there and it ended up being a good time for Elisha to play with just his Gigi and Pawpaw. He also got some special big brother presents from Gigi.

Claire ready for her first time to go to church. I had too much fun getting her all dolled up.

Elisha asking to hold her

Gosh I'm so blessed and thankful for the gift of family. I'm wrecked about it almost everyday! More updates and pictures to come again soon.

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The Beavers said...

oh my goodness! she looks so incredibly tiny in that first picture of you holding her before her bath!
and I love the series of pictures of Elisha wanting to hold her! what a sweet big brother!

Jen said...

Hi Kimberly,
I found your blog from Google and was so excited to read your post about Africa, and you newest blessing. :) I was googling to find blogs on/from Kitale, Kenya. I'm joining a very small team to The Challenge Farm there in Kitale this May. I'm very excited, and doing all I can to prepare (heart and otherwise) for what God would have me do there.
I'm happy to have found you, and congratulations on that lovely little one. She's precious!
Grace and peace,

Mattaw Children's Village said...

hey jen, thanks for the comment! i dont doubt we'll run into each other in kitale if you're there in may. I'm excited for ya, is this your first trip there? blessings on your preparation and trip, the preparation is part of the journey too! Kimberly

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