03 March 2010

...and then there were two

I'm trying to hold my breath to make these moments last a little bit longer. Since I now have experience with Elisha on how fast the baby stage goes by, I'm cherishing these moments a little bit more. I love just sitting, rocking and staring at Claire. I'm not real sure how, but mom's could do that all day long.

Elisha is no longer sick, praise God! Last night he didn't wake up to throw up. He did wake up saying "owie" but thankfully I laid down with him and he went back to sleep and we didn't have round three of washing everything. Yesterday was the most trying day so far with now having two children, yikes and it hasn't been a week?! Not that I'm complaining but thats just what it was. Elisha decided to push every button he could and try and get away with everything he knows he shouldn't. There was a lot of crying involved, probably mostly me! Ha! No, it wasn't that bad. I think he might have just realized that Claire isn't going away. He also started wanting "baby's milk". Oh geeze. I mean like, tugging on my shirt, trying to act like he's hugging me in hopes to get a swig. Bud just laughs, but it's sad! At Claire's Dr appointment on Monday the Dr said Elisha might start reverting to old things, like not wanting to try the potty, wanting a bottle, stuff like that. I wasn't at all thinking he'd want mama's milk! Ok, TMI, too much information I'm sure. Overall he's amazing though. Still loves to hold and kiss her. He tried to give her his buzz and woody yesterday. She didn't respond much. But he laughed.

One funny little story, Claire does that thing from time to time, the little spasm where he arms fling open. It kinds looks like she's waving. She did it yesterday and Elisha waved back and said "HI!". We laughed it was so cute and he got embarrassed.

And miss Claire is amazing herself. Last night she went 6 hours without waking up! She had plenty to eat before going to bed so I wasn't about to wake the princess. Made today all that much better.

Ok, gotta go, big brother is needing assistance in playing with playdough.

About to go home from the hospital

First ride in the car. Check out how HUGE this carseat is! The hospital gave it to us.

So sweet

Aunt Laurie, me, Aunt Karrie and Claire

Big brother with "his baby"
I read a few weeks ago about making the transition easy for a 2 yr old. One of the things they suggested was to get a present from the baby to the older sibling, so he got a little Buzz Lightyear.
Sweet kisses


Emily (from JoMO) said...

She is beautiful!!!!!!!!! Congrats! pics of Claire and Elisha are so sweet!!!!!

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