20 January 2010

Update from Kenya

Let me just say how thankful I am for technology! Although it can really stress you out some days with not cooperating, I am thankful for communication. I've been able to talk on the phone to Bud most days since he's left. I got a text message from him the moment he landed in Kenya letting me know he got there. The little things that keep us connected though he is SO far away!

I'm going to have to have him write me an update of how exactly things have been going since he got there. I know he hit the ground running from day one. The dad of the family that is there is a hard worker, they go from 7am to 7pm, almost non-stop! They're on a "mission" trip that's for sure. We're thankful for them to be there! I think from what I hear they've finished painting the classrooms in the school and have a huge steel water tower put up. Bud is really enjoying getting to spend time with the staff and children. Bud found everything to be exactly running how we left things, which is a huge praise to God! We're so blessed to have staff that have caught the vision and run with it even when we're not there. Only God can establish that in their hearts. Here's a couple of pictures I've gotten from Bud...

Lucy! Sweet little Lulu. Bud said she is walking so good and he can tell a difference in everything... how she eats, how she plays, how she interact with people, and more. She's walking stronger and starting to learn control on her mouth and tongue. Maybe she'll be talking by the time I see her!

Here's our friend Mercy, I miss her! She lives in our guesthouse with Hollie and works for another organization. This is her in my kitchen... sigh. I miss my kitchen! This is definitely something I look forward to getting back to.


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