14 January 2010

Anniversary and Kenya

Yesterday Bud and I celebrated our three year anniversary! We couldn't decide if its been a long three years, with the feeling we've been married a long time and a lot has happened or if its hard to believe its already three years. We've already had a lot of adventures and many more to come. I am more in love with Bud today than yesterday but not near as much as tomorrow! We've weathered through a lot of storms together, whether it be between us personally or just the challenges of living and doing ministry in Kenya. Either way, the storms always make us stronger and more in love. I'm so looking forward to the years ahead and how much better it'll just keep getting. Yesterday, first Bud surprised me with tickets to go see the ballet Romeo and Juliet at the bass hall in downtown Ft. Worth. (is he charming or what!?) It's not until February 13th though. Last night my parents watched Elisha for us and we went on a date. We went and ate at Piranha's in downtown Ft. Worth. First we walked around and had some Starbucks at Barnes and noble. Then we went and ate, it was delicious. By far the best sushi I've had in Texas. (it'll be hard to beat the sushi in California on the coast) We then went and saw the movie Leap year. It was a sweet romantic comedy. We both enjoyed it. I can't believe we stayed out till 11! It was a great day of celebration though. Here's a picture of us the night before our wedding.

Today Bud goes to Kenya. I'm so excited for him and at the same time sad to be apart and so sad not to be going with him!!! I miss the children and staff at Mattaw so much. There's a lot I would give to go cuddle up Lucy and hear her sweet voice. Or to go run around with Eric and slide with him. And hear Eunice sing and watch her dance. Or to go play dolls with Sharon and Daisy. I'd love to sit and read with Jeftah and John. Or to play hide and seek with Geoffrey. And to see Georgie and Lucy walking and playing, oh I cant wait! I am so looking forward to May when I see them all. Please pray for Bud as he travels today. He will return January 29th. More to come...


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