10 October 2009

birthday bash

So first of all, I've been a blogger slacker but I would like to not get your hopes up in this being a great post and just let you know there's no pictures but me just attempting to update where I last left off. (which I am very pregnant and not remembering much these days! i wont embarrass myself with some examples of that) I attempt to make a schedule for while we're here and then our way of doing things in Kenya kicks in and we just go with the flow. We're in Houston as of yesterday. We spent last week in San Angelo. I have got to get pictures up from this past week. It was a good week catching up with friends and family. We stayed with Bud's parents some and out at the Caldwell's ranch for some of the week as well. I love going out to the U ranch. Not only does Lauren constantly put a bowl of snacks in front of my face but its a peaceful place where I feel I can rest. And not to mention hang out with one of the greatest families there is. Eli and their little girl Sophie had a blast. I wont update much more on this past week before I get pictures to go along with it.

Yesterday morning we got up to come to Houston from San Angelo. Quite a drive but not as bad as people were sympathizing with me about. Elisha slept horribly the night before because of a crazy cold front and thunderstorm that rolled through. The good thing though is he ended up sleeping most of the drive. When people sympathized about me having to drive 5 1/2 hrs in the car by myself with Eli, I reminded them I went around the world on extremely long flights with him by myself. I would drive that drive yesterday 5 more times in order not to fly back alone! But like I said before, it really wasn't bad at all. Just like yesterday wasn't. We started driving and soon after Eli fell asleep and didn't wake up until about 30 min outside of San Antonio. We got through San Antonio and stooped at a McDonald so he could eat and play. I missed American food but not McDonalds! Blah. Gross. Anyways, we got back on the road and soon after Eli fell asleep again and slept all the way until we got to Katy (where my brother and his family live). Then last night Kim and I went with Eli and Pierce to Katy Mills mall so we could go ooo and ahhh over baby girl clothes. And I got to buy this adorable pink dress I've had my eye on, just glancing at while walking through stores. Not that I liked looking at baby girl clothes before I knew what I was having.

Elisha is happy to be back with his cousins. Although in San Angelo he played with little girls that were younger than him and he got to be the big boy who took all the toys and told them what to do without getting whacked on the head. Today we got ready for the birthday party tomorrow. Kim is an awesome party planner and having about 30 people over tomorrow. The twins, Cannon and Collin, turned four last week. Pierce turns two next week. Eli turns two December 6th, but because we wont be here we're celebrating early. I've GOT to get the pictures I have updated on here before the birthday! Maybe in the morning, we shall see. Wait, who am I kidding. We're in a house of 5 little boys and will be setting up for a birthday party, it shall be pretty busy!

Much more to come. Maybe if you really want to hear how our children at Mattaw are doing, you could leave a comment motivating Bud to write an update on here and possibly post pictures. But since only 14 of you commented on the "how do I know you" post, I doubt that'll happen!

Enjoying Texas,
Missing Kenya,
Terribly missing my husband,


Ellemieke said...

awe how great!! Are you baking your famous hummingbirdcake!!!!

love you xxx

Emily (from JOMO) said...

I am so glad you are getting refreshed by your family!

The Beavers said...

Yeah, Bud! Do it!

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