12 October 2009

baby girl

I'm not sure why updating the blog is so much more of a challenge here than in Kenya, but it sure is! I finally got some pictures up. Our biggest most exciting news lately is that we're having a baby girl!!! At least we're 95% sure. Just to let you know how excited I am and how much I've anticipated this day... when we went back to Kenya a year ago, I took back a baby girl outfit with me "just in case" I got pregnant with a girl and had her in Kenya before getting back to the states to buy something adorable. I was talking to Bud and trying to think how long I've dreamed of having my own little girl (not that I don't absolutely love my little boy the same) and I'm pretty sure 4 yrs old is the earliest memory I recall. Speaking of little girls, just got news that our princess Lucy is now walking! Bud said she'll stand to her feet and slowly walk to the other side of the room. SOOOOOOO exciting. I'm pretty bummed not to be there for it but excited to hear that when I come back, she can walk to me! And I can't remember if I've mentioned that baby Georgie is walking as well. He walked before Lucy. Guess it took him to get up off the floor for her to as well. Whatever works! And not to mention they reward her from time to time with candy. I'm sure missing Mattaw lately. I miss pouring out into people that want to be loved. It's such a difference from here. People have so much here and don't recognize as often their need for love. I could go on and on about that, but simply put I miss loving my kids!

Here's my sweet baby girl. I decided not to post the one showing she's a girl, for the sake of her privacy! My due date got moved up two days to March 10th. I have no problem with that! She looks like she's got a big belly in the picture. I guess she's eating well. All that mexican food and dr. pepper. During the sonogram she waved to us and peed. It was adorable.

Every time my dad comes home from work, Eli screams with excitement and runs as quick as he can to sit in his Pawpaw's chair.
Because he knows Pawpaw will get him if he does

Here's from when we went to the Caldwell's ranch. I kept forgetting to pull out my camera and the one time I did, they were so not in the mood to have their picture taken.

I think Lauren tried to convince Eli that he was and he just yelled at her

Here they are swinging outside together

Almost all my pictures turned out blurry

One night Bud's parents offered to take us out to eat and Eli was SUPER cranky so I suggested going somewhere super kid friendly. Mr. Gatti's ended up being the place and Eli had a blast

Finishing up dessert while riding the horse

Shootin hoops with Poppa

Looking very mischievous

One morning we got in a play date with Julia. (her mom is Mary Beaver). Julia just turned one not long ago. They seemed to have a great time playing together. We were glad to leave without either one giving the other a scratch or bruise.

playing together in Julia's new tent

The day after I found out we were having a girl, I got this AMAZING bouquet of flowers from the sweetest husband.

Not sure how they got here all the way from Kenya, but either way they're beautiful!

My next post will be of the the birthday party from this past Sunday in Houston. There's a lot of pictures so it needs its own post. We're back in Keller now. I enjoy going around seeing everyone but here is where we get the best sleep so I'm glad to be back. I guess it was the first place we got settled so Eli feels secure to sleep through the night in his bed. Everywhere else he ends up in bed with me and I'm pretty sure he wrestles with a lion every night in his sleep. More to come soon....


Joyful Living said...

Woot!!! March 10 is my birthday too!!! A great day to be born I think!

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