27 September 2009

pictures and words

You know a friend warned me not to make any decisions the first few weeks I'm back and I'm sure writing out on a blog what I'm going through goes along with that. My apologies if I tend to sound like an emotional pregnant woman. Oh wait, sometimes I am. But things are going great while being back in Texas. I just love Texas. I love Kenya but I also love certain things about our culture in Texas. Wednesday we're going to the Texas state fair, I can't wait! I'm taking my Kenyan friend, Linda. A bit odd... I'm visiting from Kenya, and taking a Kenyan to go do a cultural Texan thing. Maybe it's not odd to you. Random rambling. Finished.

Tonight we went over to the Dempsey's house, this is the host family for my friend Linda. You can actually find her picture on the right column of this blog. The Dempsey's threw a party for several reasons. One was for a couple that came to Mattaw this past summer (John and Cheryl Phalen) to come and share their trip by going through a slide show. Another was for Linda's birthday. And lastly for welcoming Elisha and I back for a bit. It was great to get around some of the church family. Eli always tends to be the show. I'm so thankful for how well he is adjusting here! There was some other Kenyans that came. Together with Linda they played with Elisha and talked Swahili to him. He was right at home! It's amazing how much he understands in Swahili. He is saying some things in Swahili as well. Smart kid, I must say.

On a sad note, we are missing Bud TERRIBLY. He told me he was working on being teleported but apparently that's not working out so well. He's doing good though as far as I know. Maybe I could get him to put an update on here with some pictures of our kiddos at Mattaw. I know some of you check on this mainly to see Mattaw and here I am constantly talking about Elisha. Reminder that you can go to mattawchildren.com for updated pictures and information on Mattaw.

I have not been so great about lugging our great, but big camera around. The only pics I've got for today is of Elisha doing one of his favorite things, taking a bath.... by the way, can anyone tell me how to make it where my pictures are protected and no one can copy them? I have a creepy feeling that someone I don't know would do that.

Updates just waiting to over pour onto the blog... stay tuned...


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