28 September 2009

How do you know us?

Ok, so here's for a fun blog, I'm going to give it a try in hopes you will ALL respond! I saw this on another persons blog that I follow. A handful of you have come up to me to say you follow our blog, admitting to "stalking" us, but I'm thrilled to know you follow! I don't think its weird, only because I follow certain blogs and don't know the person but feel like I do. SO do share!

Do we know each other? If so, how?

Ex: we're close friends!
Ex: we were best buds in Jr high
Ex: we're related

Maybe we don't really know each other, but have we ever met?

Ex: i met you at a mattaw booth when you came to our church
Ex: i checked you out at the register at target

Do we have mutual friends or acquaintances?

Ex: I'm a friend of a friend and she told me about you
Ex: Kevin Kirkland told me about you
Ex: my child went on a mission trip to Kenya

If the answer is no to all three, do we have something in common?

Ex: yes, we both have small children
Ex: i also have a passion for Africa

OK, now do your part and make a comment! It says in small print, comment, right under this post. I just thought it'd be fun to know how we're connected. If you only check this blog from time to time, feel free to comment as well! Even if you've never made a comment before.


Mike said...

I am a member at FBC Keller, so have heard you speak several times.

Kristin Ray said...

we went to high school together. worked together. and participated/participate in the infamous SSS! love you kim!

Ellemieke said...

Hi there,

Lets see,
I know you from Kenya and we have mutual friends!!
And you are great, I follow your blog because it is a way to keep in touch!!!

Love you,
oh and btw you had weird dreams about me before we met!!!!

Megan Spencer said...

Hi Kimberly! We haven't been introduced really but we have CCSA in common and I remember saying hello to you and Bud one time:) hah! We have lots of mutual friends through CCSA. One other thing I know we have in common is that we both LOVE Jesus! I check your blog a regularly and I want you to know that it is very much a blessing to me!

Stephen and Rachel Webb said...

Hey Kim! Love the ministry you guys are doing in Kenya. We know each other from high school and youth group. :-)

Mattaw Children's Village said...

yeah! thank you to the few today that actually responded! great to hear from yall. thanks for keeping up with us.

Michelle Kiprop said...

I follow you on Google Reader (awesome tool for keeping up with lots of blogs). Do you follow us? I'm in Kenya also. We met at the Mayfield and I'm in touch with Holly on and off. Praying that you have a fabulous and refreshing time in the USA.

Let's try to hook up sometime when you get back. Maybe we can meet up in Eldoret for lunch one day when you have an antenatal appointment or something. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

We lived across the street from each other in Sonora. We hung out almost every day. We haven't seen each other in about 6 years but I love your blog and I think it's great what you are doing! Your little one is so cute! Ashley

denisemayen said...

I grew up at FBC Keller and went to Keller High; although you know my parents, the Dempseys, better than me. Maybe one of these days, I'll make it to Kenya to visit!

Emily (from JOMO) said...

I came on a mission trip to Mattaw! I love your blog, becuase it is so encouraging, and keeps me updated with you all are doing! I love to see the children's faces! it brightens my day!

Anonymous said...

just happened to stumble across your blog one day and fell in love with the work you and your family are doing. Appreciate all your love and hard work for the children of Kenya!
Debra Pena
Rio Grande Valley , Texas

Tiffany Feguson said...

hey! i've talked through email with you multiple times, but i'd probably fall into the stalker category since we've never actually met, haha. we both have a love for kenya and orphans and we both know and love jessie morgan! i'm so glad you got to spend time with her this summer and i know she loves you! eli and seri are about the same age and now we are both pregnant again. i'm having another girl this time. hope you are feeling well and i hope you know what a blessing it is to follow your family and what you are doing to serve the Lord!

Kim and the Boys said...

I married your brother and you are the mother of my most favorite nephew!

Stewart said...

i am @ fbc keller. you spoke at 180years ago..i loved the bubble story & pics of kids excited to see bubbles for first time. you & bud shared glue boys stories one sunday. oh, we just sponsored one of your kiddos! we are thrilled!

Betsy said...

Met you through mutual friends that had been to Kenya and live in San Angelo/Sterling City. I get to read your blog and feel like we don't live so far apart! You are a dear friend and a huge blessing!

The Beavers said...

guess I better comment...even though I do on almost every post anyway!

Baby steps to where we want to be said...

so i may not know you in "real life" and i have been following your blog for a few years so im not even sure how i found it! we both have little boys name Eli (and fyi as my Eli looks at pictures of your Eli he thinks they are of himself)! we share a common interest in a passion for Africa and one day i would love to pour the love of Christ into orphans as you are doing!

Dalene said...

I lived with you and bud in kitale while Eli grew inside you. We also have mutual friends, your husband is obsessed with mine, I stalk you via blog, and we love forgotten children. And disneyland.

Tia de la Torre said...

I know you posted this a while back but sitting in my dorm room tonight I find myself reading each and every one of your blog posts. God put the calling to Africa on my heart the fall of my freshman year of high school. I wasn't sure why until I met Kevin Kirkland the very next summer. He told us all about his vision for Mattaw and I fell in love with the whole idea. My parents are not believers so they do not understand my desire or calling to Kenya. Your blog has made me laugh and cry and, more than anything, long to be a servant for the Lord at the Mattaw Village. I am a freshman in college and continue to pray for my parents' hearts to be open to my desire to serve the Lord. After I get my degree, I will hopefully, God willing, take at least a summer trip over there to see if that is where God wants me to be for a little while or if He only wants me there for the summer. I continue to pray for Him to lead me. "In his heart a man plans his course but the LORD determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9 Thank you for sharing your world with me! :) Hopefully we will meet soon!

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