01 June 2009

House two SOON

This is real quick, we're about to go get house two ready and officially accept our new kids! This is super exciting for us all. House two parents, Julius and Christabel, are SO excited. Their two girls are very happy to have new brothers and sisters. I will be making a post later to show the welcoming of the children. Last Friday we had a birthday party for Jeftah (you can go to the birthday blog on mattawchildren.blogspot.com to see pictures). I was told the website for Mattaw is about to launch so I don't think I'll keep up with the Mattaw blogs seperately from this one. Actually I'll just delete them to not make it complicated. On Friday we picked up the house two children to come to the birthday party. They really enjoyed it. It was so sweet when we took them into house to to explain where they'll be living and that they'll each have a bed, their own clothes, a meal three times a day and a new family. Christabel is usually so quiet but she was very talkative and joyful with her new children. It was absolutely adorable when she first met Sophia and Jose and said to them in swahili "you want to come live here and me be your new momma?" and they smiled and said yes. We're having a big celebration tonight and lots of good food. Here's a pictures from last week, this is Hollie, Georgina and me. Georgina is still volunteering at Mattaw. She is amazing with these children. She really loves on them and teaches them a lot. We're so blessed to have her!


bob said...

Cool!.. Hey - Jim & girls are on the ground in Nairobi!

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