27 May 2009

Girly Girl

We got our house two parents officially moved in today!!!!! Just one step closer (REALLY closer) to having house two full of beautiful children. I can not wait. We're going to have a big party the first night they move in. Yesterday Bud got the plumbing out at Mattaw completely finished! Now the children can use the bathrooms at night and hopefully that will help stop the bed wetting. We also got the school building started. Throughout the summer it'll get finished with different teams coming through. It'll be a three classroom building. Last night we had a girl night here at our house. Hollie made waffles, I made sweet potato hash browns, Nickole brought peanut butter and Meredith brought ice cream. A few other girls came as well. It was a lot of fun to kick back and be girls together. We watched Bride Wars which I absolutely love. We had a lot of laughs. It seemed like a quick time but fun for sure. Bud on the other hand had, argh argh, man time. He went and hung out with Sean and Daniel and did, argh argh, guy stuff. Whatever that means. Tonight a group of guys are coming to watch futbol with Bud and I'm escaping to the guesthouse to hang out with some gals again.

Lucy is doing great although taking her meds for TB is so dreadful. It's gotten easier since I found out it's ok to mix the pill with milk. She loves maziwa (milk). Most days you can find me either rolling around in the dirt with Elisha, kicking a ball, or teaching Lucy all the important things about being a miss prissy girly girl. Yesterday was on painting the nails, sitting as girly as possible and giving the most adorable look that wins you anything (worked like a charm with my dad) Here are some pictures...

Here's the look

The nails

And how to sit adorable, she'll even shrug her shoulder to the side while doing it
Although these things are super fun with her we do hit on the most important things like who Jesus is. We sing and dance in the kitchen to songs about Jesus sitting on the throne. She still can't talk but she'll hum and make her own noises to go along with the tune.

From looking at our blog you might think my attention has left the little guy and turned to Lulu but thats not true, AT ALL. I need to dedicate my next post all to my number one little guy. He's about to be 18 months old! Wowzers. Today we took him out to Mattaw to play with the kids. He blends in so well, except for looks of course.

More to come...



Dalene said...

lulu is precious. her "look" is adorable!! if ya'll have a girl she will be trouble!

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Whitney said...

she's cute!

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