06 April 2009

random monday

Elisha first woke up at 5am, I let him cry it out. Then I got up with him at 7am and realized he was poopy. Durn, I felt horrible that the reason he was up at 5 was because of the poo. He quickly forgave me though when I got him chocolate milk and cuddled with him in the rocking chair with his favorite fuzzy blue blanket.

Georgie and Elisha both had eggs for breakfast... Elisha is very insistent on feeding himself now. Oh boy! But I'm able to get a few bites in there for him. I just love it when he's done with his meal and has to rub what food is left into the table, his chair and oh yes, his hair. (sarcasm!)

Violet watched the babies and off we went to Mattaw. We had our weekly staff meeting this morning since Thursday most of our staff is away on break. (school is out, and our house parents are taking an off, and its Easter weekend so our other staff go home early) It was a bit awkward because we were signing covenant agreement forms (in short, stating they'll abide by the policies and procedures, follow the laws of Kenya and live our a life following Christ). Why I say awkward is that there are some major differences in how village minded people deal with things and how to the book, all T's crossed, i's dotted, and ducks in a row Americans deal with things. Some days we just feel we repeat ourselves over and over again! Such as "make sure all the shoes are picked up, don't let Nehemiah wear his shirt inside out, make sure their teeth are brushed every morning, don't let Sharon chew on grass, and please get the cow crap out of the playground!" (I'm sure I actually didn't say it that way, but I sure think it! I don't think they know that lovely slang word that my mom hates- c-r-a-p). But we continue to love and encourage our staff and are patient with their mind sets that are slowly being changed. These things off course are minor and not the main stuff we focus on building at Mattaw.

On to my random updates of our random Monday. Because I know you all just love long updates! So Aron STILL has an ear ache. We have taken him to the doctor several times since we got him. They have tried to get rid of it but nothing is working. Also my lil guy Noah was feeling sicky, so sad!. (and I must say I'm having progress on growing his fro out!) So we dropped Hollie at Dr. Usagi's office. Lucky Hollie, it was a super busy day and she got to wait THREE hours to see the Dr.! Nuts! They ran a test with the ooze in Aron's ear and we'll get the results in a week or so. Noah on the other hand has typhoid. Yuck. We don't think it came from drinking the water from our bore hole since we had that water tested and it is safe. Who knows where he drank from.

While Hollie was doing that I got to venture into town to tackle my weekly grocery list. I tried my best to make sure I got everything we needed for the week because all I could think about is how I didn't want to be in town again this week! It was chaos. But then I realized its the first Monday of the month and since everyone just got paid, it's shopping time. And schools are out so a lot of kids were in town. I had to go to three different grocery stores to finally get everything on the list. Plus Bud and Todd went to the meat lady's house to get meat for this week... fish, beef, pork (ew). Here is a bit of what my list looked like:

chocolate milk
butternut squash
peanut butter
strawberry jam
wheat bread
brown rice
icing sugar (to make hummingbird cake for easter)
sliced cheese

Like I said, and have titled this post, its random and its Monday.

I stood in line for 15 minutes at one store with a big African momma breathing down my neck. (most people have no concept of personal space or how to stand in line)

Georgie took a 3 hour nap today... a record. He now has two teeth! It's hard work I tell ya. For he and I both! Tomorrow he moves in with Julius and Christabell. I'm sad but a bit relieved. To sum it up, he's been great birth control.

Caleb and Ian hung out around the house and played soccer and watched movies. Oh and we're being accused for stealing Caleb... ha. I'd rather not get into the details on that right now. It's ridiculous. Nothing serious though, at least to us. (I wont leave you hanging on this dramatic story)

Our house dad took off today and rather than go visit family and friends he feels God calling him into a forest to fast and pray for a week... only drinking water... wow.

The guys made us dinner tonight. OK, well they were supposed to cook everything but I can hardly stand to not be in the kitchen so I made the baked vegetable medley and the egg fried rice. They cooked out on the grill. One of my favorite things in life is to cook. I LOVE it. I could spend most the day in the kitchen. It's somewhat therapeutic I guess you could say. And cooking healthy. Although I have no problem baking my man an apple pie or peach kuchen. I think I'll start posting recipes of what we make around here.

OK, long enough. I could keep going on and on about our random Monday. We're now watching Chuck, a TV show. The babies are sound asleep and I'm about to be as well. It's 9pm. Yes, I am a mom!


The Beavers said...

so glad that you have internet at your house now and can post your random posts. Sometimes I laugh to myself when I think about how different life is there, and somehow still the same(with the teething and poopy diapers and such)!

Dalene said...

girl have you been drinking the village moonshine?

Bud & Kimberly and Elisha said...

Village moonshine? Well I did write this post at 11pm and I'm never up that late. I'd say being up that late for me was like the moonshine.

Anonymous said...

Peach Kuchen! Definitely post that one! You are a GREAT cook. When people asked what we ate while we were there, I say well we were staying with Betty Crocker, so we ate wonderfully. I still can't get over that french bread! I continue to pray for you all! Can't wait to see you guys again!


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