04 April 2009


It's official, we have wireless internet inside of our house. Way to go Bud and Hollie for having a positive attitude about it. It did take four days for them to finally get it connected. Yesterday morning Bud, Todd and Ian went to Eldoret to pick up Caleb. Eldoret is about an hour or more away from here. It is the town we used to go to once a week when we lived in Lemoru. It was our place for groceries, internet and what we thought was good food. I am thankful we don't have to go there now. It is bigger than Kitale and so busy. Caleb is on break from school now as well as Ian. They will stay with us on their break. Caleb comes from Lemoru and was in the children's home we used to live in. He is in a school outside of Eldoret. The board in Lemoru is always messing with his mind that they wont continue to pay school fees so if that ever happens then we'll bring him to Kitale to enroll him in a high school here. He is so mature for his age though and doesn't let the petty village mind sets that some tend to have affect him. Someone told him that he should be trying to get as much money from us as he can and that an African boy will continue being foolish. But Caleb just laughed and refuses to follow that mind set.

Today Bud and Todd are out at Hope Bright Future children's home. It is sponsored by Transformed International. Todd helped construct their new building and is continuing to help them out. They are taking some new things out there for the home today. I'm here at home preparing for the Sunday school lesson tomorrow morning out at Mattaw. I am excited to start new lessons with them. Tomorrow is on salvation. Whatever the lesson is on for the month will be our theme in the home and school as well. So pray for the children to have a revelation of true salvation in Jesus. Elisha is out playing with Caleb and Georgie now. I miss having Linda here when people are here on break! But she is doing great in America. She got a part time job at a day care working with 3 year olds. A bit of a cultural difference in dealing with children but I think she is doing great. Here's some pictures...
Baby Georgie in Elisha's ducky pj's

Elisha sleepin in his bed. We are officially off the bottle! But not the paci. When Georgie moves out we'll work on that since Georgie uses one and it'd be hard for Eli to see.
Caleb... he's turning into a young man. Can you believe how tall he is?! This is his school uniform

And just a few of my little buckaroo...
yes, he is the most darling little thing
Playing peek a boo
Playing tether ball
And throwin a little fit because I had his paci
This is a super fake cry... but still a cutie


Anonymous said...


I love the pictures of Elisha!
He's the cutest! And Georgie in that little duck outfit! How cute! Thinking and Praying for you guys! How is Eunice doing?


The Beavers said...

yay for internet! We will be expecting daily posts now(ha!). Love Elisha's fake cry...guess they've all got them! Little Georgie is so cute! Would it be okay if you brought him back for us?!!

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