13 April 2009

fruity and a bit nutty too!

Just another manic Monday? Yes, I do think so! (and I say that with the rockin 80's song in my head) Thank you for all of you that are praying for me. We're going to go visit Eric this morning and I'll see one of the doctors out there. We hope Eric is ready to come home! I think we've got the money for house two to finish up and be furnished so PRAISE the LORD for provision! (and those who gave!) We hope to get it done in the next couple of weeks so we can get Julius and his family out there and ready to welcome home some new precious children! Ah, I'm so excited. We're a bit pressed for time because school opens the first week of May and we want to get kids in before then and settled, ready for school. Eric will be our first child to put in along with the two girls I recently talked about, Sophia and Jennifer. Of course Georgie too. We'll be moving over Noah and Aaron as well. Sophia has a brother, Jose, that is 5 yr old that will also be moved in. So that makes 5 boys and 4 girls (Julius and Christabell's 2 daughters). We're going to leave a few beds open and investigate some other children cases to take the most desperate ones.

Bud just left to go get supplies to take out to Mattaw for home needs and construction.

Thank goodness Violet is here! She is outside chasing Elisha around.

Hollie and I are about to have our Monday morning prayer.

I made heart shaped pancakes for everyone this morning.

As I type this I am multi-tasking and rocking Georgie to sleep. His first two teeth are coming in fully and he can crawl really well. Although he has to be motivated. He is still a happy chunk a lunk and ate more pancakes than the rest of us this morning. Whew, he just fell aslepp.

And I am SO happy I got to talk to my sweet friend Linda last night. I called my mom to say Happy Easter and she was at the Dem'psey's (the host family to Linda). I had no idea that they were having a group over to talk about their Kenya trip. Good timing when I called! I miss you momma and I miss you Linda! Here's some pictures for yall of your most favorite mzungu boy....

Elisha is going through a phase where he doesn't want to sit and eat all his lunch or dinner but I can always count on him eating fruit, especially bananas and mangos!

What the fruist basket looks like this week

Chowin down a mango, not just any mango though, an apple mango from the pokot area. YUM.

I mean really? Who would let their child play with a knife. Who took this?! (i actually took this thinking of Phil, I know only you read this Dalene but at least Phil can see this picture and see what a great influence he's had on Elisha!)

I meant to put this picture up last week but overlooked it. Here is our sweet Sister Hollie. (a nurse in Kenya is called sister so and so) She is in the midst of all the medicine to be given to the children, organizing and explaining to Christabell.

Christabell and Juilus had a wonderful weekend with the children. They are deffinitely a perfect fit for Mattaw. They love these children AND have some great organization skills. They scrubbed the house and organized the kids stuff for them. Julius is a great landscaper (if you've seen our compound, its all his doing) and already has a vision for Mattaw. Not that we're going to get more focused on flowers than children (wink wink Shannon). But landscaping, planting trees, hedges, banana trees, palm trees, gardens, etc! More to come on Eric and house two...


Dalene said...

HAHA!! i love it! i really hope other people don't freak out too bad when they see eli holding that knife! crazy lady! i sent it to phil so he will definitely see the shout out! ha!
love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

I love that pic with HOlly and the medicines :) Congrats on house # 2! yay Jesus! That's exciting! I'm glad Georgie can crawl! (even though I was secretly wishing to be there to see it.. that would be a long wait for you though!) Praying for u!


Rody and Wendy Chesser said...

Just checking in on you guys!! Sorry it has been so long. Had a computer go down and lost all my links. Hope you are well. I also connected with another girl who is serving in Kenya (not sure where yet trying to find out) but wow!! Her heart is as tender for the people as yours. Man we miss you guys. Thought of you the other day as our neighbors had someone working on their house with teh company name Huffman--any relation? Not sure if it was electrical or what?? Totally off the subject...sorry. Know we are praying for you. Elisha is getting so big and you all look great!

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