15 April 2009

Exciting news!

(this was to be posted three days ago but due to technology difficulties it is late)

Hope yall had a great Easter weekend. I just realized that we didn't have an easter egg hunt for Elisha! I totally forgot about that tradition. Well I didn't forget, it just didn't cross my mind to do it. If I had such a thing as time on my hands i'd research where that silly tradition came from... a bunny doesn't even really lay eggs. Not that I'm against it, I'm not anti-easter egg fun hunting, just as long as it doesn't take away from the focus of why we celebrate Easter. Ok, didn't mean to go off on talking about Easter.

The past couple of days have been great. I'm almost over the sicky stuff. It's just junk in my nose that needs to go! I sound so lovely when I speak. This morning I went with our social worker to the Children's Department. The officer wasn't there but we talked to her assistant and it was somewhat productive. Hopefully we'll be having a meeting with her this week. Next week they want to come inspect our home so that they can pass it through registration in Nairobi. This will be wonderful! Since we keep communication with the department and they know what is going on in Mattaw, we're already covered and approved to do what we do but now we'll have it on paper.

Now for some really exciting news?! We had someone give for the furnishings of house two, solar panels, and starting the school building!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD! You would have seen me dancing around the kitchen with my hot chocolate when I read the email. It is part of the adventure and fun to watch how God pulls everything and everyone together to make the vision of Mattaw possible. I just love it! As we remain faithful and watchful, God is our God of provision. He is our father and i'm so blessed to be called His daughter. So Bud is SUPER busy getting things lined out to finish up house two and get more construction going.
Here are some pictures from visiting Eric...

Is this the future of my child? I'm ok with that!

Eric getting better!

Eric greeting Bud

Little Georgie crawling!

Eric came home yesterday! He is doing so much better although we have to watch him closely. He is still so fragile. Hollie and I are about to go pick up 5 children that will be in house two and take them to the Dr. for a checkup and some testing. Yesterday we went to tell them to be ready today. They are just so precious! The situations they're in are heartbreaking, I'm so tempted to take them now! But I'll remain patient and pray for them as we wait a few weeks. I met Jose, Sohpia's little brother, yesterday. He is so tiny. They say he is around 4 but his little body is about 2. You could see his little ribs through his torn and tatered shirt. Sophia greeted us with a smile as opose to last time. Pictures to come of them! Tomorrow we celebrate Noah's 2nd birthday. Yesterday he was being SO adorable. I mean, he just has to sit there and he's adorable but yesterday he decided not to be so shy and talk to us. He would pretend he was falling and in swahili say "im fallin! i'm fallin! pick me up!". It was the first time we really heard his sweet little voice. He has recovered from typhoid and doing great.

More to come later today...


lynn said...

Hi Kimberly and Bud!
I'm behind on reading the blog and knew Noah would celebrate his birthday in April. Which day did you decide to actually have it be?
It sounds like God is just working away in Mattaw with all the new additions to your family!!
Love in Him,
Lynn Ryals

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