25 March 2009

....the rest of the week with Joplin team

I decided to go ahead and post the remaining pictures of our time with the team, minus Friday's field trip with our kids. The internet is so fast right now! And the line Bud is standing in at immigration isn't fast so I have nothing but time right now. If you haven't read up on the beginning of the week with the Joplin team, scroll down to the post before this one.

We had a bit of construction going on around Mattaw while the team was there. Here they are plastering the wall to the back porch on house one. It is amazing how they do it! They just slap up some cement mixture onto the wall and smooth it out nicely.

One of the days I stayed back in bed all morning with malaria. I took medicine immediately because I felt it coming and by that afternoon I was doing good. That day they made crowns with the children and played with a parachute they brought.
Jan and the team also gave out goody bags with tooth brushes and toothpaste. Here she is doing a little lesson on their teeth and brushing them properly.
Geoffrey showing us how it is done...

Here is some of the construction guys making our generator house. The generator is for pumping water out of our bore hole. We haven't been able to use our new bore hole until the generator is connected and has its own storage to be kept nice and safe.
And now we have clean water pumping! The Joplin team was able to raise extra funds which is going towards putting in a septic tank and plumbing for Mattaw! A big thanks to you!
I just spoke to Georgina, who is staying with Eunice, and she said things are going great. They are keeping her on pain medication which makes her sleep most of the day. It sounds like she is being a brave little girl. Thank you for your prayers for Euni. Pray that she will have a good recovery. Can you imagine having to re-learn to walk? But how much fun when she will be able to run around and play like the rest of the children?! It is amazing that her total hospital bill for the surgery and her stay there is about $125! She is staying in Kijabe where there is a small town of baptist missionaries. The hospital helps children specifically with physical disabilities such as cleft pallet, polio, cerebral palsy, etc. We are so thankful for them!

The next post coming up will be pictures from our field trip with the kiddos out to Captain Davies. We also celebrated Obadiah and Euni's birthday that day.


Andrea Reynolds said...

Wow! Those are fun pictures!
Parachutes=so much fun!
I've never met kids who loved brushing their teeth so much!

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