25 March 2009

March 24, 2009 Pictures from Joplin team and a little update

Finally I am able to get some pictures up. It just randomly started uploading pictures quickly. I will post from the first couple of days we had with the Joplin team and then try and do another post later talking about the rest of the week. The pictures did not upload in order and I am having some trouble putting them in order so bear with me.

Here is sweet princess Nelima. Hollie and I decided Disney needs to make a new movie with a black princess named Nelima. She is one of baby Georgie's sisters. We think she is 6 years old.

The visitors spent time everyday doing activities with just the children at Mattaw. (and sometimes a few neighborhood children) Here they were painting crosses. This is Euni. And by the way, she went through surgery just fine and recovering well. We hope to pick her up either tomorrow or Friday.

This is under the roof of house three. They set up benches with pieces of timber and bricks, with table cloths underneath, for the children to do crafts on. They are coloring here.
A local school had come to be a part of the first day of VBS. There was over 100 of them and we weren't sure what we were going to do with them yet. So in this picture they are watching a group of kids play kick ball.
This is a picture we saw often this past week! Some of the team was brave to let our kids play with their camera's. Our kids enjoyed the digital cameras!
The team walking back from door to door ministry and evangelism in our village.
Our social worker, Humphrey, and little Noah. Humphrey has been so amazing in helping us find the next set of children for house two. We hope to put them in next month!
Here is Jerrod making balloon animals for our kids on the back porch of house one
Gracie painting her cross, trying not to smile for the camera
I just talked to Meredith, who is taking care of Elisha with her husband Sean. Elisha is doing great and as always adjust to wherever he is pretty easily. Today they are going to visit their girls house. They work with the NGO called Transformed International. They have started a home that takes girls off the street, rehabilitates them, and trains them in schooling or a trade. When I called Meredith, she was getting a Kenyan to help her tie Elisha onto her back. I am missing him so much! But it has been really good for Bud and I to be in Nairobi alone. We've been running around Nairobi trying to take care of different things, such as getting a dependence pass for Elisha on his passport, so this afternoon we're going to go swimming and relax with no agenda but to enjoy each other. We have had visitors with us since we've been back to Kenya so it's nice to focus on just each other. I just love my husband more today than yesterday! He is a blessing! More to come...


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