16 February 2009

Another change

I know, I know, enough changing the background of our blog right? Right. I finally figured some things out and made it almost exactly how I wanted it... almost. I decided to mess around with it while I still have high speed internet anytime I'd like. I think I'll leave it like this until we have another baby! I'm now tired of messing around with it! We're still pretty sore from our 1/2 marathon. Especially our knees. But really, we're recovering much better than I thought. Read the post below from yesterday to hear about how our run went. Today my mom and Linda watched Elisha while Bud and I headed to Whole Earth Provision in Dallas for a few last things to take back to Kenya with us. Tomorrow morning we go to get Linda's social security card. Not sure if I mentioned, she got her official permanent resident card in the mail last week. She was so excited! She has all the rights as a citizen except she can't vote for president. Almost every night this week we have plans somewhere. Wednesday night Bud will be speaking at the youth group in Peaster, TX. That is where he graduated high school so he's excited about it. Friday night we're speaking at FBC Keller. The Dempsey family put this together. Saturday night I'm getting to have a girls night with my 6 best friends from high school... woohoo! Sunday at FBC Keller. Monday and Tuesday packing and family time. Wednesday- fly out! Kenya, here we come! We just heard from Humphrey, our social worker, and things are great. They are eagerly awaiting us! I just discovered all our Christmas pictures from Christmas in Kenya so I will be posting those tomorrow. Also some other resents. ....gotta take advantage of this high speed internet. Don't get too spoiled keeping up with us this week! Much Love, Kimberly


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