02 January 2009

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe it's now 2008. This year past year went by so fast and looking back, so much has happend! We were able to barely make it out of Newark, New Jersey and make it home to Dallas. We spent the new year in my parents house. Jet lag has been anything but easy for Elisha and I. Bud and Linda have adjusted fast although it is 2am and Linda and I are on the computer. Fast internet.... sigh... wonderful. We got into Dallas on new years even at 2pm. All our luggage made it, and our flight was on time. We found out just a few hours after leaving Newark, they had to cancel flights because a snow storm came in. We were welcomed at the airport by all my family and Bud's parents. My brothers family made signs with us welcoming us. It was really special for Linda! I definitely have the best sister in law. She makes things so special. Her and her mom really fixed up Linda for Christmas. My family has been so welcoming for Linda and Linda has fit right in with them all. She just played disney monopoly with my family. Last night Elisha woke up 10 min before midnight, just in time to welcome in the new year. Thankfully he went back to sleep an hour later but then was up at 4:30am for the day! Yikes! Linda on the other hand slept 14 hrs last night! She really needed it so I was happy for her. It's so good to be home. Now onto our busy schedule.... Tomorrow all the guys are going to a football game. Kim and I are taking all our boys to go get their pictures taken. Should be a great adventure. Saturday we go to Hubbard for my grandmothers 93rd birthday party. Monday we go to San Angelo. Tuesday Elisha has a birthday party. Thursday Bud and I come back to Keller and Friday we leave for California (and sadly but happily we're leaving Elisha :( ). So that's a bit of what our next week looks like. I think Linda will stay in San Angelo while we're gone to California. Here's some pictures...

House Two: Raha (joy) House
This was taken the day before we left.

House one and two. Penda and Raha house. (love and joy)

For Christmas there was a church that gave money for school uniforms. Here they all are the day before we left. The two littlest girls in the front are Georgie's sisters, Nelima and Gracie. The tallest boy in the middle is his brother, Juma. They're not in the home but will come to our little school until we put kids in house 2. Pray for our children as many of them have malaria right now including Georgie.

Here's what we were welcomed with when arriving in Dallas, Texas. My nephew Tripp is on the left holding mine and Bud's sign. My brother is on the right with Cannon and Collin holding Linda's sign.

Here's reuniting of Elisha and his cousin Pierce. They were SO excited to see each other but didn't really know what to do. So they just danced around each other, poking at each other. They've gotten along real well together.

Here's us! Right after getting off the plane. Not too bad for 24 hrs of traveling with a 1 yr old!

Elisha decided he couldn't get close enough to Pierce so he climbed up on the high chair and had a seat. They were eating breakfast this morning together.

Here's my sister in law, Kim, with both boys

For the guys this year, Kim and Zach found tickets for the Cotton bowl. They go tomorrow. Bud, his dad, his brother, my brother and my dad will all go and have some, argh, argh, guy time.

Kim was creative and got them sweatshirt and hid the tickets in the pockets. So they had to put them in and warm their hands before discovering the big present. Bud's dad graduated from the University of Texas so I thought it was pretty hilarious that Texas tech ended up playing in the Cotton bowl. My brother played football for Tech when he was in College.

Me and Linda on New Years day

Now I can really be keeping up with our blog. I was pretty excited when loading pictures on here. I didn't have to down size the pictures and it only took a few minutes! Happy to be back... missing our kiddos. Much love, Kimberly


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