30 December 2008

Coming to America

Well, here we are, sitting in the London airport. I don't know what to do with myself. I just had a gigerbread latte from starbucks and now I'm on super duper fast internet. People are walking around so fast and in such a hurry. I feel all of a sudden the world started spinning faster. We haven't had internet in our house for a few weeks so sorry I havent been making updates or sending emails. This trip has been a bit more challenging now that Elisha is 1 yrs old. He loves to run and get into everything and that lifestyle is limited on a 8 hr plane ride. Well at least one plane ride down, one to go! We'll arive in Newark, New Jersey around 11pm on Tuesday night. I'm pretty sure it's Tuesday now here in London. We then will stay the night and fly out early Wednesday morning to get to Dallas where my lovely family will be to pick us. I'm so homesick for them! It was mixed feelings again leaving Kenya. It's our second home and we will miss it so much but then again we are ready for a break and to relax in our own culture for a bit. Elisha is now running out all of his energy around the airport. And for those traveling with small children through London... terminal 3 is so not kid friendly. Every turn I keep thinking what are we going to have to buy that Elisha breaks?! Linda is doing great! The flight from Eldoret to Nairobi was very nerve racking for her on a small bumby plane (understandably so) but it made her very appreciative of the big plane to London. It's been a lot of fun traveling with her and getting to teach her a lot of new things. She was so excited to taste my starbucks and realize coffee can be sweet and not so strong. She was worried since there's not much chai in America. Ok gotta go, time out. Much love, Kimberly


Erhardts said...

Love you guys! Praying for your safe trip home. I sent your mom a package with our Christmas card. Georgie is adorable. We are still pricing tix to Austin for Feb but are still about $400 each right now....so we will see if they come down a bit.

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