14 December 2008

Nairobi Pictures

This is the last post I have to make to bring the blog up to date. This is from when we were in Nairobi last weekend. If you scroll down some there's a post labeled Nairobi that I wrote about it. Here's the pictures to go with it....

Before Elisha got his shots we went to the Village Market, not far from the place he gets his shots. This is an out door mall. In the food court there's a little play area that Elisha enjoyed.

This is the front of the hospital that we take Elisha to. He goes to a well baby clinic to get his shots. This is Gertrudes Children's Hospital. It is a really great place that we trust.

We were having lunch on a patio one day and Elisha found his way into this little spot. He was very entertained by just sitting there and watching the cars go by.

Playin in the bath tub at the guest house we stay in

And I saved the best for last!!! Here's our little family with santa. Hilarious? I think so! We were just going to get Elisha with Santa but he was not happy to sit in santa's lap. Not quite the same jolly santa that is in America. He had a Kenyan accent and when we first tried to put Eli in his lap he said "oh, surry, what, you don like me, oh, what does toto want a truck, huh?" instead of "hohoho! merry christmas, its ok sweet little boy. What would you like from santa this yeat?" His beard I think was made from cotton balls and his belly stuffed with news paper. We went to another mall later that day and found a more jolly and real looking one. Didnt have the camera though.

I'll try and post another today about Linda and our weekend in Lemoru. Today we have visitors out at Mattaw. There's a girl that met Kevin somehow and she's on a world race doing missions in a different country every month for a year. Abby and her team somehow ended up in Kitale so we're going to bring them out to Mattaw for the day. Bud is finished with house two!!! Except for painting. He is headed out there this morning to make sure they do the cho's and outside showers right. (cho's are out houses) Caleb from Lemoru Children's home came home with us yesterday and will be here through Christmas with us. Linda also came with us and then of course we have Ian home. So we have a full house! Its great to have our family from here with us during Christmas.


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