12 December 2008

Catchin up...

Here's some pictures from last month. The first few are from Thanksgiving here at our house. We had about 12 or so people. It was a blast and we were so blessed by our family of missionaries that were able to come from around Kitale.

Whitney and Joylyn
(and their plates full of yumminess)

Meredith and Sean. They are engaged and about to head home to Canada to get married. They work with Transformed International here in Kitale. Although they are Canadian, our Thanksgiving meal was about friends and family not so much about celebrating the American holiday.
Me cookin. Pay less attention to me and more so to the fabulous food in the oven and on the stove. Fabulous! In the picture i'm making broccoli and cheese soup. In the oven is angel biscuits and sweet potatoe casserole.

Bud cuttin up our yummy turkey.

So what DO missionaries do when they're bored? We become kids and play slip n slide!! Here is from the week before Thanksgiving in our yard. Hollie and I racing.

Bud wiping out! We played "slide" or in basketbal its well known as "horse". We took turns doing tricks on the tarp and if you didnt get it you got a letter. Hollie's penguin, no hands, slide was a killer. (but i was the only one that got it!)

Me, Whitney, Joylyn, Hollie, Jeremy. Bud is sliding through us.

Here we all are after we were finished. When the crew all gets back from being in the U.S. we'll have to pull out the tarp again.

Tomorrow I'll be posting all about this past weekend. We went to Lemoru to go to Linda's fund raiser and spent the night at the children's home. It was a lot of fun. AND the most exciting news is that Linda raised enough money for her ticket to America!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOHOO!!! Im am SO stinkin excited for her. Bud just found her a ticket and got it booked and paid for about an hour ago. It was absolutely God's favor that she got a plane ticket for cheap and on the same flight as us. So she'll come home with us and we'll get to spend time with her helping her get acustomed to the basic American ways. She'll be living in Keller with the Dempsey family. I'm thrilled to bring her home to have Christmas with our family. More to come...
Much love,


Aunt Kim said...

YAY for Linda! How fun to bring her to family Christmas! Email some ideas so i can pick up a few things she needs. I'll make her a stocking too.

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