08 December 2008


Well we just got back yesterday from Nairobi. We went last Wednesday. This time we took public transport and let me say I have some great advice for parents who want to take public with a baby.... DONT do it!!! Just kidding, it wasn't too terribly bad. Elisha was a trooper and could of made it worse. He slept a lot of it. On the way there we went on a big charter type bus and on the way back took a shuttle which is a fancy matatu. I'd like to watch on video us crossing through mass chaos of traffic in nairobi with two huge suitcases, grocery bags, both of us wearing back packs, and Elisha! I guess sometimes you just buck up and do what you gotta do! It was an adventure to say the least.

We went for the main purpose of going to The Call. It was put on by our holland friends, Daniel and Marlies. There's one in the states every year. Its a day to "call" the nation to prayer and fasting. It was the first time for Kenya to have one and for the first time I think it turned out great. It was very powerful and I know the Lord recieved the glory. There were times of refreshment for Bud and I. Marlies has a 2 yr old boy and was so nice to let us leave Elisha with the woman who took care of Aiden. There were some great people that flew in just for the call. Wes Campbell, Sean Bolts, and Mattais from Holland to name a few. When Noel spoke (a very prophetic man through our friend Ryan's ministry) was a highlight for me. He keyed in on Isaiah 61 which is our mission with Mattaw. He spoke on righteousness and how we as children of God should be that through Christ because as scripture says, thats what exhaults a nation. He talked about in Isaiah 61, how they will be call oaks of "righteousness" the planting of the Lord. He led us through repenting of depending on our own righteousness even when we dont realize it, which is filthy rags in God's eyes. In Christ we are righteous, because of what He did for us. Simple! The vice president of Kenya, Mr. Kilonzo, showed up for a bit. On behalf of the government he repented for the violence at the beginning of this year. That was huge! The last few hours we went and got Aiden and Elisha so they could be there for it. Elisha enjoyed runnin around and dancin to the music. The worship was so refreshing. Rich, from the UK, led some of the worship. He busted out with some Misty Edwards which i thoroughly enjoyed. I forgot her name, but some well know Kenyan woman led most of the worship. We're waiting in faith to see the results of crying out for revival. I believe many things took place in the Spirit and God will listen to the cries of his people.

We went early to get some other things accomplished and did most of them. Elisha got his 1 yr shots. Oh and the day of The Call was Elisha's birthday!!! I can not believe he's already a year! Even more I cant believe I have a one year old. We also had to get papers filled out for him to be a dependent on our passport. We did a bit of christmas shopping. (and i mean a tad bit, the present part of christmas will be when we get to Texas) It was so nice to walk around some of the malls with christmas decoration and christmas music. You dont find that in Kitale. It really doesn't feel like December. Especially when we're getting sun burned if we're outside. So it was nice to drink hot chocolate and listen to christmas music. It helped give me the realization its christmas time. Bud just loves it when I blare Celine Dion Christmas throughout our house. (which by the way is a great christmas cd if you're lookin for one!) We timed it right one afternoon and were able to catch a movie while Elisha took a nap. We watched the new james bond movie. It was pretty good although I would of rather seen high school musical 3. (did i just admit that?!) Elisha slept all the way through except the last 10 min. Oh and one of the best things we did was get our picture taken with santa! Haha, actually its humorusly rediculous. Once I get our laptop charged i'll post the picture of it. You'd get a kick outta it.

We had a great time but are so happy to be home. Elisha especially as he is outside chasing the dogs around right now. Today Jim Farmer is coming to visit for a few days. He flew into Nairobi a few days before The Call and attended it. He'll be here in Kitale untill Friday. Friday we're going with him to Lemoru for a few days. Our friend Linda has a fundraiser to try and get the funds for a plane ticket to the U.S. Sunday there's the opening of Moma Rondalds house. A few years ago we got a donation to help build a widow, Moma Ronald, a house. Long story short, the person we trusted to help us ended up stealing and it didnt get finished. This year it did, we're not sure how, but are thankful it did. So we're going to visit Sunday and then will be back home. That was one of those situations you get hurt from and learn from. Anywho, 3 more weeks untill we go home and a lot to get done before. Please pray for our days left here, that we would get things done, not be stressed and just live simple, loving the one in front of us.
Much love,


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