09 December 2008

Water, crazy hair, cleanin...

Here's some pictures updates from the week before we went to Nairobi...

After they got the water drilled they had to pump it for 24 hrs to get all the stuff flushed out so it would be pure clean water flowin. So after about 10 hrs, mid-day, we pulled this little pool out of the container and let them have at it. The kids had a blast as you can tell!


At one point the sun hid behind clouds and they got really cold! The water was freezing.

Elisha loves to sweep the floor with Violet. Here they are in our dinning room. They were cleaning the floor after our kids being here.... it was super dirty.

This is why I just couldn't stand it anymore and had to snip snip on his hair.

Hollie and I walked up to the meat lady's house to get some meat one day. Here's Elisha and I on our road in front of our house.

And here's a picture of Elisha from a year ago! Gosh, they grow so much!
Today Jim Farmer is coming to visit us for a few days. He is from our church in San Angelo. He'll be around Kenya for about 3 weeks. We're excited to spend some time with him. Saturday we'll go with Jim to Lemoru. I can't remember the last time I saw our kids out there so i'm super excited to go. Hollie made it back to Texas. I laughed when she told me it took her a bit to remember how to order at starbucks. I'm missing her but glad she's coming back! Much love, Kimberly


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