22 September 2008


Wahoo! The container is here and all things are on it and in tact. Amazing. We praise the Lord for this and thank Him for getting it here hassle, corrupt, and headache free for all of us! So here's how it all went down...

Bud left for Nairobi on Friday, we still werent positive when the container would get here. He went to get our visitors. (which by the way made it here safely) Of course, the container arrives Saturday. We waited and waited that morning. It finally came at 2pm and thankfully the keys for it arrived on time through securicor. I was so loopy in trying to work out all the legistics. Thankfully my great friend Clea came through for me. She called in all forces (wazungu and kenyan friends-about 10 whities and a hand full of kenyans) and they headed out to help. I'm so thankful for her and her husband Isaac! We got there and could see hard rains coming. The entire drive to our property Hollie and I prayed for the container to get their safely (through bad roads) and for the rains to stop or to part like the red sea and go around our property. So we get there and decide to unload everything but the playground and put the stuff under one of the roofs. We got a system going and unloaded it in fairly good time. Right after it rained a bit but not hard, more of a refreshing hard sprinkle. After a bit of a break and the massive truck getting unstuck and to the place we wanted the container, the sun came out and it ended up being a beautiful day. Now, the challenging part. How the heck do we off-load the container from this massive truck to the ground with no machine?! We didnt have chains either. So down the street some of our house dads found a cable that a tractor uses to pull stuff. We (or shall i say they) tried tieing it to a tree and pulling. It barely came off, like a few feet. By this time its about 3:30-4ish in the afternoon. I'm thinking "this container needs to get off so we can put everything back in it and dont have things taken before dark comes". The driver gets frustrated and drives forward in a jerking way to re position the container facing the tree... and when he breaks the container slides more... more than it did pulling it from the tree! So he guns it, slams on the breaks, takes off again... and vualah! its off!!!!! Praise God!!!! Thank goodness we didnt unload the 2,000 pound playground. It stayed on and stayed in good shape. So it was about 5pm by the time it got off and safe on the ground. We all got together with our impressive team work and put everything back on the container. The kids were over joyed and waited with anticipation to see all the cothes, toys, bikes, school stuff, comforters, and SOO much more for them! SO much thanks goes out to the Dempsey's from FBC Keller for all the incredible work put into it. Also to the donors of the stuff inside, the donors for the funds to pay import taxes and fees, the donors for the playground, and for the container! It'll be a great storage unit. So many people came together and played so many different roles for this that it was a bit emotional seeing it on the ground after over 2 years of waiting for it. Below are pictures of the event...

This is when it first arrived

Here's me opening it for the first time... all the kids around wondering what is inside

The first box at the door when I opend

Some of our friends helping. They were amazing.

We had to show them some things... they just giggled, it was cute

Here's all the things off the container except the playground. Like I said, Cleas was stinkin awesome, she worked hard to get it all here until we loaded it again.

FIRST attempt! White Isaac was kindly directing this all.

Almost off!!!

After loading everything back on. This is what we're headed to right now with our visitors! A lotta sorting and fun.

WAHOOOO!!!! Vicory baby! Here's me with all our children in front of the pretty blue container.
Ill update more later especially with stories of our new visitors being here. Pray for them their names are TJ, Lindsay and Katie. They're amazing people that we're excited to get to know. Bud and TJ unfortunately like the Office tv show a lot so we get to listen to them talk about it! This morning we had time to go for a run with TJ so that was fun. Today we're off to work on organizing the stuff in the container. Wednesday we leave with all of them and Hollie and go to Kampala, Uganda for a conference put on by Watoto ministries. Check them out! www.watoto.com. They're who we're modeling after. More to come.
Much much love in Jesus,


Aunt Kim said...

YAY for the container!!! i cant beleive you unloaded that big ole thing w/o a crane, YIKES!!! How are you going to get it out of the road now?? Give Elisha a big hug from all of us, i sure do miss him.

the chans said...

Awesome! So excited with you!!!!

vickypad said...

gracias. por los pictures. we love them. vicky

susan sosebee said...

the auction went really well. Kevin and the band were wonderful! God was so gracious! It was like free falling through the air but knowing we wouldn't hit the ground. I don't know if anyone took pictures but it was so incredible! I am sad I couldn't be in Uganda with you guys but am so thankful that I was a part of this inagural auction.
Susan Sosebee

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