20 September 2008

An afternoon of FUN!

Yesterday I had the blessing of taking all of our new children into town to eat at a resteraunt and watch a movie. There's a new place in town called "the coffee shop". Its wonderful. There's a resteraunt, "cinema", and internet place all in one building. The "cinema" is a big room with a projector that they shoot up on a big wall. It was time for Isaac and Vivian, the house parents, to get an afternoon to themselves as well so it worked out nicely. I arrived at the home at 11:30am to find them all washed up and in their nicest clothes. Below, the pictures are from our day of fun. They sat nicely in the back of the resteraunt at the kids table and ate with their best manners. We had french fries and orange soda, a big treat for them. Humphrey our social worker came as well to help translate. After eating, they all had ice cream for the first time. Some of them it was too cold so they left it sitting out while we watched a movie. They watched a "bee movie". It was a lot of fun watching them watch with excitement even though they didnt have a clue what was being said. During the movie Humphrey pulled one at a time aside to go over the rules and children's guide for the home. This worked out great. Then after the movie they went back to their seat to eat the remainder of their melted ice cream. We then went and picked up our second Kenyan child, Ian, from school. We took the kids home, with Ian around 5pm. They all had a blast. Now Ian is staying the weekend at the home. He really enjoys being out there with them. He's like the big brother to them all.
Here's all the children and Humphrey sitting in the resteraunt awaiting their food.

From left to right- Maureen, Gideon, Sharon, Daisy, John, and Aaron (looking at the camera smiling at bottom right)

Baby Noah enjoying his french fry. He's improving everyday on his health and personality!

Watching the bee movie

A few days ago at the home. I couldn't help but snap a ton of pics of him.

Below is Bud holding Aron, Ian holding Elisha, me holding Sharon, and Maureen holding Noah. As you can tell, we're pretty nutty about these kids! I have to make myself get the administration part done otherwise I'd just sit with these beautiful children all day. Isaac and Vivian have been teaching the children about prayer this week. Noah has been having a hard time sleeping through the night. Unlike the Kenyan culture, Isaac, the dad, has been getting up with him and letting Vivian sleep. He's been exhausted. A few nights ago they spent a lot of time with the children praying, especially for Noah. That night Noah slept the entire night! Praise the Lord. They are all doing great in school and learning their manners. Its amazing how fast children can change just from being in a loving environment.

Today we anticipate our container arriving! Wahooooo! Just waiting for a phone call any minute now.... update on that to come next....


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