25 July 2008

A new Mary

In the blog below I told the story about the little girl Mary. Yesterday we got to go and visit her again. This time we brought her bread (again!) and a soda. Everytime we see her she looks so much better. Once again she ripped open the bread and ate as fast as she could and we had to have her slow down and not eat as much. The nurse explained how a lot of her skin condition was actually due to not bathing. The nurse said that every day she's been in the hospital, they've washed, scrubed and put lotion on her and its improved her skin. A lot of what looked scaly was dirt. We asked if she wanted us to tell her family anything and she said just to send greetings. I had the nurse translate if she wanted them to visit and Mary immediately said no. Then we asked if she was ready to go home and immediately said no. I dont get a good feeling about her home situation so we're praying God would give a solution. The nurse got the impression that she is mistreated at home. In the states, its easy, you call CPS and they come, investigate and if needed take the child and put them in a home where parents want the child and can, for the most part, be trusted. Here, if they are orphaned and mistreated then we can take them but if they arent orphaned and mistreated what happens? This is a question that has come up a lot and I'm out to find an answer. Hopefully the District Childrens Officer can give some answers. I'll let you know what I find out. But for now, Mary is doing great and recovering.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you were right. That is a really sweet picture.

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