28 July 2008

Elisha David Update

I get this look a lot saying 'mom really, what are you doing?!'

Here's Elisha cute as can be in his panda hat. (an outfit he inherited from his couse, Pierce)

Elisha in the living room playing with his toys

He just woke up, this is usually when he's in his best mood

Hey everyone, its nice to be updating more often on this. I try to be as informative as i can on what we're doing here as far as ministry goes. This update though is about our precious baby boy! I havent talked much about him on our blog in awhile so he's due for an update. (im sure his grandparents have been anticipating this)
Well he's VERY mobile and on the move now. When he's awake, its not often that there's a dull moment. He wants to be crawling, exploring, in his walker, playing, or holding your hands and walking around. He'll say mama, dada, and baba but im pretty sure he's not acknowleging that he's saying our names. He's now going through a want to be with mommy when i see her phase. He's now almost 8 months old now and thats supposed to be a developmental stage that he goes through. I was told he'll start to acknowlege when i leave the room and cry for me. Time is flying by so fast and it seems like he's grown and developed even faster in the past couple weeks. We think he'll be a super early walker. He loves to pull up on things.
Now that he's fully recovered from malaria, he's back on a good schedule. He sleeps through the night and wakes up anywhere from 6:30-8am. He'll take a bottle, play, then eat some breakfast like oatmeal or a bannana. Then play more, drink a little more milk and take his morning nap. That lasts for a few hours then he's up and at 'em ready to play hard. He'll eat lunch, today was spaghetti, then play again. Then take a bottle and back to bed for a nap. He then is up again to play and walk around in his walker and eat some cookies. By this time its about 5pm, he'll take a quick nap for about 20-30 min, usually get some good daddy plaing time in and then eat dinner. Then what, oh yes, playing, bottle, then bed time by 7:30-8pm. Then we push the reset button!
About three days ago he cut his third tooth. We thought he was a little sick with a cold but i think its because he's been cutting a tooth. Today I've gotten to spend some really good time with him. Our friend, Linda, is on break from college for a month and has been staying with us for the past couple weeks. She's a HUGE help. She helped out with the team a lot and especially with Elisha. She's his auntie La now. So most days i stay so busy during the day that she or Violet (our house help) is watching him but today i decided to spend the whole day with him. He's been trying all sorts of new food. Today just for fun I let him try a pickle, and to my surprise he really liked it. We do get plenty of fruit and veggies but last night he had some german chocolate cake and of course he loved it. It was our friend, Whitney's birthday so Hollie and I made her a cake. Last night we had a spoons tournament, ate lots of cake, drank coffee and ate pop corn. Elisha partied with us as well and of course by the end of the night literally became the center of attention. He's not much of a shy baby. He's actually very social. He loves to be passed around and fought over. He loved having the team around.
Thats it for now, i'll end this blog with some of his dad's favorites...


Karrie said...

Watch out Kim. Before you know it he will be sucking out the middle of the pickle with a straw and stuffing it with pop corn :-) Thanks for the update on Elisha. We miss you guys a lot!!!!
Love you!

Bud & Kimberly and Elisha said...

oh thats hilarious karrie. yikes, elisha taking after my wierdness... miss you tons! love you too.

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