06 January 2008

Still Waitin

We are starting to get some cabin fever from being in the states so long now. We've been in Texas since the middle of August and we are really starting to get that itch pretty bad. Don't get me wrong, i'm sure gonna miss drinkin as much Dr Pepper as much as i can, and the unlimited bowls of Bluebell ice cream after dinner. But i just feel real complacent here, yes i do have a newborn son to take care of and that is a whole lot in itself. Right now i'm trying to concentrate on typing and at the same time softly and repetitively bounce Elisha's bouncy chair with my foot. I keep looking down and he's flopping all over the place because i keep bouncing him to hard, guess i need to concentrate better......kimberly always gets on to me because i always turn his swing up higher than she likes it to be, i keep telling her he likes to go fast!! On a quick note fatherhood is good, i absolutely love it, i've been working here while in the states so i miss him all day long so its real nice getting to hold right after i get home, its pretty relaxing actually. The way he just lays on my chest and falls asleep. Im not so good with the whole night duty thing, i usually have him till 3 am and kimberly takes him after that, if i go to sleep before that i usually sleep to hard and kim is the one getting up to take care of him. We are soooooo ready for him to sleep the whole night!!! i know that is a long long long time away with him only being a month old now. Being a father is nothing like i thought it would be, im continually humbled daily by the Lord. I constantly realize how not in control i am, and how i really don't know what im doing, but the Lord faithfully leads us day by day. Having a wife and child to lead makes life harder live, what i mean is i can't be reckless and not worry about the consequences of my actions, now i think of all the horrible outcomes of what might happen!!! NOT FUN!!! But i LOVE being a father and a husband, im pretty bad at it, but keep trying.
So we are hoping that we can return to Kenya by the middle of Feb. but if we have to wait longer we will. We need to get home to prepare for a retreat that we are going to have for our house parents before we open the home in August, we are goin to have a 3-4 day retreat in Mombasa with 4 couples, we have a couple from our home church who are going to do the teaching and counselling the couples. I believe much of the teachings will be on intimacy and communication. I'll couldn't believe one day when i was teaching a study with the couples and i was talking about marriage (haha me 23 6 months married, the couples ranging from 5 yrs to probably 10 all with children and im teaching them about marriage) but when i told the men about loving their wifes and building them up and telling them how much they love them and how beautiful they are, and all the parents laughed. They told me that in their culture they don't tell their wives those things!!! WOW!!!! I told them we (men) are to love our wifes just as Christ loves the church, and to love and honor them with our words and actions. they thought it was pretty crazy but i know there are some changes there.
Well i realize ive been yapping to much now, basic point we are ready to be out of the states and back home where we belong, But we are enjoying our time here for right now knowing this is where they Lord brought us for this certain time.
i know this is a real random blog so im sorry
more to come



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