02 January 2008

Kenya on the Verge

As many of you are probably aware Kenya is on the verge of being in a really really bad situation. Today is going to be a very key point in what the future will hold, it could get better, or very very bad. The one thing that keeps going through my mind is Rwanda, but i dont think it would be as much of a racial clensing but a civil war more like. Re-elected president Mwai Kibaki and his party PNU are being accused by opposition ODM for rigging the presidential elections last week and the country has just turned to madness over the past few weeks. ODM followers are rioting against the results and trying to lynch any PNU followers and Kikuyus (tribe of current president kibaki) right now the death toll is up to 350 and climbing faster every day. Today Raila Odinga (ODM leader) is calling for a million man march in Nairobi to protest the election results. The march has been banned but Raila says "it doesnt matter what they say" and says they will continue to do what they please. Nothing is moving in country, there are no shipments of food or scratchcards for phone credit, and no deliveries of gas either. This is going to cripple the country and the shilling is already starting to drop in worth. Uganda, Rwanda, and Birundi are suffering gas shortages because there is nothing coming in from the coast of Kenya. Things could get really bad if this march gets out of hand or if Raila declares himself the president of kenya. so please be praying
We are going to make our decision of when to return to kenya based on this weeks events. We are very eager to get back but know thats not possible with all of this going on. this is all i have for now. please continue praying for Kenya


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