26 May 2016

Rest and Race.

After a week of this...

We are back to fully adulting again. 

And as much as I love life by the sea and getting our hearts full and overflowing again, we are thrilled to be back with our Mattaw family. 

Last week we were so thankful to get some much needed rest physically. Which often means our soul (and hearts) get that much needed restoration too. That is, if we choose to. And thankfully we did. We were oh so blessed with friends to go with. It was a gift for sure.

It's hard to believe that 11 years ago I set sail (or took off on a plane) and moved here to Kenya. I've learned a lot of what not to do and thankfully, by Gods grace and wisdom, have also learned a few things of what would be wise to do. But I'll save that novel for another post. The short of it is that one thing I've learned is the value of rest. We can become so focused on the overwhelming needs and run ourself into the ground as we forget to rest in the One who supplies for our every need.  We measure ourself by the fruit of our lives instead of the time spent abiding in the arms of the one that causes fruit to come out of our life.

Quoting one of our friends that we vacationed with, she reminded me this morning...
"Times of sweet rest and renewing must be temporary -- but they are deeply needed and important. Whispers of Heaven's goodness refresh our earthbound journey. 
And fully adulting after refreshment produces so so much more than worn out workers can deliver. So thankful for our Jesus teaching/showing us this."

There's that tension of getting back to routine and focusing on what God puts in front of us to do next. Staying the course.  Which made me think of all our American friends and how you might be transitioning from a season of a busy school schedule to summer. Perhaps a goal to set as you start your summer of rest is just what is needed. And maybe you have a little extra time to be a voice for the voiceless. 

This is the 3rd year our (heart) family back stateside is putting on a race event to fundraise funds for the Mattaw Children. 

Our greatest need at Mattaw is sponsorship for the children. The proceeds will help cover the monthly needs that are not currently met.  At Mattaw, we aim to provide the best food diet, schooling, medical care and a family environment for the children to be raised in. And it's no cheap task. 

But there's no price too high to see God rescue the orphaned and raise them in a healthy family as sons and daughters. 

There's no price on what it takes to see them rescued from destruction. There's no price too high to see them given back a childhood they were robbed of.

 And there's no price too high to see them encounter Jesus for the first time. 

But there is a price.  And so we are inviting you to help!

What's so great about this race is it is viral. Meaning you sign up online and can run wherever you are between June 18-25. Or if you're able to gather up a group to run with, we've had several do that and have loads of fun in doing so. It might be a good way to get your neighborhood or church involved in caring for the orphaned. 

had planned for a 1/2 marathon and missed that train so instead I've started this 4 week training program I've posted at the end of this (Taken from verywell.com) If you need some motivation and a schedule, here it is!  

Or you can do a 5k ...

Or a fun run/walk ...

Or just sign up, support a great cause, get a cool tank top and take a lap around your couch :). 

Because this year we do have the coolest tank tops.

For more information and to sign up, go to the website: 


We hope you'll join us not just in an event we are calling a race. But an eternal one. A race where no one is competing but a race that we are in it together and in it for the long haul. A race to see heaven come. Where children are no longer orphaned, no longer left on the streets or locked away in huts. But a race where we can bring Jesus to children and they join in the race with us until we reach our heavenly home. 

You can find this on Facebook too under the name:  Mattaw Safari Run. We hope to see you post pictures on the Facebook page next month!  

4 Week Beginner 10K Training Schedule

Week 1: 
Day 1: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 2: 2 miles ER
Day 3: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 4: 2 miles ER
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: 3 miles LR
Day 7: 2 miles brisk walk or Rest

Week 2: 
Day 1: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 2: 2.5 miles ER
Day 3: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 4: 2.5 miles ER
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: 4 miles LR
Day 7: 2 miles brisk walk or Rest

Week 3: 
Day 1: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 2: 3 miles ER
Day 3: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 4: 3 miles ER
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: 5 miles LR
Day 7: 2 miles brisk walk or Rest

Week 4: 
Day 1: 3 miles ER
Day 2: 30 min CT or Rest
Day 3: 3 miles ER
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: 2 miles ER
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Race day

Training Schedule Notes:

Long Runs (LR): You're not training for a long distance event, but long runs will help you develop your stamina, which is important in 5K racing. You should do your long runs at a comfortable, conversational pace. You should be able breathe easily and talk in complete sentences. Your easy runs (ER) should also be done at this effort.

If you're running outside, you can measure your routes using a site such as MapMyRun or use a running app such as RunKeeper or Strava.

Rest and Cross-Training Days: On rest days, you can take the day off or do some easy cross training such as biking, swimming, or another activity you enjoy.

Strength-training is extremely beneficial for injury prevention and performance improvement.


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