02 December 2015

It is like wow.

Hi y'all,

It's been awhile and do we ever have a load of updates. They are like --- wow. Ha.

Recently there was a Kenyan man talking to us about the high price of something and he said "The price --- It is like --- WOW" so that's where I'm getting  that expression :).  We tend to find good expressions in other cultures that make us smile :-).

Before I get to the personal wow update, this post is to share about a recent "Red Carpet" awards ceremony that our Mattaw Children had

Joshua Bluprint is the organization that has been training our oldest children for the past year in dance, drama, instruments and vocals. And lemme tell you. It is -- in the best way possible --- WOW. The talent that they've pulled out of our children is absolutely beautiful. It has helped restore souls and give hope. They would not at all take any credit for it, giving God the honor HE deserves, but we are sure thankful for their obedience to the call and mandate God has given them for Joshua blueprint.

The event took place last week on Friday afternoon. They had a red "tarpet" (tarp instead of carpet because sometimes you just improvise with what you can find here :).  The "stars" of each video took pictures and everyone else joined in too. They were all dolled up and looking oh so smart (saying you look smart is like us saying beautiful or handsome). They gave out awards, certificates and even cute little trophys to the top performers that excelled not just in talent but in character too.

They showed us videos and below I'm sharing a few. It might be the mama in me but I think these videos should go worldwide!  This first one is Mary. She wrote this song herself which just says WOW in a million ways. So if you're led to, please share on any social media!


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