01 August 2015

Summer of 2015

Hi friends!

What felt like weeks, I now see was months since updating this little bliggity blog of ours!  Oh my!  

So, ready for a recap?!  

Last time I blogged, it was our last big trip to Turkana. This past week we went for the first time since then. It was a quick and absolutely cray cray trip. We mainly went to set up everything for this month when we return for some big events!  It was successful and we will share more asap. For now, let's go back to all the happenings around here at the Mattaw Children's Village these past three months. 

It was a summer FULL of friends from accross the sea. We had three big teams, a few small teams, two interns, a few that came a few weeks early before their team arrived and then some dear friends that have been a part of the mattaw family for years. The culture here really values and appreciates "wageni" (visitors) and we too have such a great appreciation for them!  Our mattaw children have been loved big time this summer.  

Here are some updates in pictures....

Lisa, our FABULOUS sponsorship coordinator was the first of many friends to come. For all you beautiful sponsors out there, she's the one behind the scenes and who made it possible to get the recent packets and letters to ya. A trip is in store in the fall to get Christmas packets ready!  

Many teams came and were able to deliver gifts to their sponsored child!

Speaking of sponsorship... Quick plug here for it... We need more!  We are still wanting to expand and need more sponsors before more children can come in. Help us help more!  Sign up at mattawchildren.com. 

Moving along....

We've had many, many birthday parties!  "A persons a person, no matter how small" -Dr. Seuss. And we love to celebrate each child's life around here!  

We loved having these friends visit again! 

And for all the repairs that were made, thank you!  

These two rockstars came for 7 weeks. Morgan and Taylor have come several times and been part of the mattaw fam for years!  Love y'all!  

Our oldest son, Caleb, came home for the summer. It's been so great to have is all together!  

One of our teams showed up just in time to participate with the Mattaw Children for the Mattaw Race2Rescue.  We are incredibly thankful for all those that participated from all over the world!  We also had some missions friends from Kitale come out to participate and their 13 yr old raised funds for the Mattaw children. You're never too young to make a difference in lives!  

Even our littlest Sprouts babies were carried by friends!  And here's Taylor, he came for several weeks to volunteer as well. The kids miss ya He-Tay!

Some dear friends came back to Mattaw for a few weeks. Anna, Keela and Christy... You're deep in our hearts forever!  We ventured deep into the Pokot mountains to visit a group of widows that we are expanding our current women's ministry to. It was a trip full of laughter, adventure and the gospel expanding!  Heaven invaded earth. Friendships made. There's so much to share. But more later :). 

Here's Mary, our main contact there. She's one of the most beautiful, strong women of God we've met. She was the first to get saved and bring the gospel to her village. We miss Mary and can't wait for our next trip back!

Christy is the voice for the widows on the stateside and while she was here, it was only right we celebrate her recent marriage, Kenyan style!  The widows gave her quite the celebration!  They sure missed her and loved having her back. 

Our kids are growing!  Mattaw has very much become home and they love to have so many friends. 
Want to know one of the main reasons I haven't updated much?  .....THIS two year old... super baby....  

All you teams can vouch for me :-). 

This last team did a VBS. The children loved learning new songs, playing games and hearing bible stories. (Sorry to the other teams, I've lost pictures from your time here!  Email me :) )

We did a fundraiser to buy shoes for our widows, local village kids and possibly turkana... 

The shoes are still in process of being mailed if you ordered. Pictures to come of those that will receive shoes from this fundraiser! 

For a few weeks, the rains stopped and the sun was blaring. So we did what everyone should and made a giant slip 'n slide. A lot of baby oil, soap and people tossing kids down the tarp. 

Our gardens are thriving!  Beets, carrots, onions, kale, lettuce, cilantro, fruit trees, spinach and the list goes on! 

All those that visited came with SO many needs and surprises for the children and staff. (And coffe for us!!  THANK YOU). We are incredibly thankful for EVERY gift, big and small. We even have a new beautiful computer lab (pics to come). Here's our girls home sportin their new shoes. 

And Rebecca is still living here and stays busy with the Sprouts babes! We are thankful for all she does and the MASSIVE amount of love she has for the littlest. 

At one point, Rebecca and I got a quick trip to the big city of Nairobi. I was dropping a team off and she was seeing her aunt that was in country short term. And we had dominoes, cold stone and time with our friend Mercy.  

Like I mentioned before, this past week we ventured to Turkana with just our Huffman family. Caleb flew out today and headed back to America as he's in his last year and a half of college. It was a great last trip to make with him before he left.  We thrive in the crazy :). And this trip was definitely full of it. 

If you scroll down to my last blog post in April, you'll find a picture of a newborn. The mom is the biological mom to our son Dan. Last time we visited, the baby was just days old and the mom was so sick. We took her to the hospital then that night I got to snuggle the baby while mama rested. When we went back a few days ago, the mom was so excited to take my hand and lead me to see her happy healthy boy.  Although we don't understand each other's language, a mothers heart is universal and needs no words to express it sometimes. Praise God for healing them both. One of the cuuuutest little babes I've ever seen...

And to close this official longest blog update everrrr, I'll share this pic of the man by my side that I wouldn't make it through all the wonderfu, crazy, adventures, mundane, scary, heartache, joy and love that we face weekly without him. 

With a full heart.....
And many more updates to share.... 


NeNe said...

What a summer!! How God has grown Mattaw and your hearts as well. Great post to recap all the adventure. Love to all . NeNe

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