22 August 2015

M4 Turkana Kids Camp: Day 5

Our last day!  What an ending to one wild and crazy week. It was the last day I strummed this baby taylor (guitar) for these precious treasures hidden in the desert. I will for sure miss tiny feet crowded below the guitar. It was a bittersweet day as we physically were ready to rest but at the same time our hearts wanted to keep lovin the children. What huge breakthrough happened in such a small time. We believe though that Holy Spiit continues to work in little hearts after we leave. 

"He will teach you all things and bring to your rememberance all things I have said to you" John 14:26

Lucy spoke in the morning to all the children. (Lucy, former mom at Kimbilio girls house and huge heart and calling to Turkana people). It was powerful and exactly how Holy Spirit wanted to finish off the week spiritually. Many were healed and delivered as she led them through prayers to pray through on major issues the kids face. One of the biggest one being alcohol. They all laughed when she asked who has been drunk. Then most of them proceeded to raise their hand. It was amazing though to see them repent from it and ask God to help them overcome and break the cycle of drunkeness in their family. 

Afterwards, Mercy Ebei from Mattaw, stood to share a quick testimony. She finished with talking about how God has given her a talent of dancing and how she's been taught how to use her talents for Jesus.  Everyone wanted to see her dance, so we put some dance tunes on and she confidently busted a move. It rocked!  

From the combination of children being set free after Lucy talking to them and then dance music blaring, it was only right that we have a dance party. So we did!  The joy of the Lord is so much fun to see in children. Eventually though, it was time to break into tribes for the last time and go to their classes. Our teachers; Bud, Edwin, Dorcas and Rebecca really gave it their all this week. They finished the week strong. Here's a picture of my attempt to get all the tribes in one picture. 

We fed at least 1,000 children on Friday. That's a lot of beans and rice!  Praise God that we had enough down to the last child on the last day.

It was a miracle that Rebecca and I got a thing done with so many sweet littles that wanted to snuggle. A baby with Down's syndrome and a super malnourished baby took everything in us not to quit camp and not just play with these two. 

Speaking of the little malnourished babe. We had the opportunity to go talk to the mom in her home. Heaven invaded and the mom made the decision to give her life to Jesus. We asked what she wanted and she said "to be free from benign an alcoholic". It was a beautiful decision to see made!  Nothin like seeing Jesus rescue another soul from the pit of hell. Her hope was restored and her name written in heaven. We saw her smile as we left and that was huge.  Please pray with us as we take steps to help. 

It was a wonderful week to say the least. We are excited this is the first to many.  We are so thankful Papa God loves all his children so much to have provided every single need this week.  As we jumped in the car, the crowded around to say bye, thank you and that we should greet all our american friends that helped make this possible. Sweetest little treasures hidden in the desert....

Day 6 for our team of volunteers involved a day of rest and play. We went to lake turkana today. So thankful we could relax and soak in the water with the sand and sun. 

To top off the whole week, Elisha was baptized today!  He's been asking for around 2 years now. This week he sat in Buds class everyday and intently listened as his dad taught the teenage boys.  It was clear that his heart was in the right place and he has understanding of what it means to give your life to Jesus and be born again by Holy Spirit. I just kept hearing Jesus say "do not hinder the little ones from coming to me". So it was a joyful time in the lake as Bud and I had the honor of baptizing our first born. 


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