05 March 2015

It's desert time!

<<<<<<<<Quick update here>>>>>>>

We are Turkana bound tomorrow!  With the whole Huffman troop. We are all jumping up and down excited, especially Elisha. He sat outside with a hoodie on and tears rolling down his cheek as he watched his dad leave for Turkana a few weeks ago. So I'm thrilled my kids get excited about the desert, sleeping in tents, the hot sun, cooking over fire, playing with kids that don't know English or Swahili, driving on some of the craziest roads in the world and going potty behind small twig bushes.  God gives grace where needed!  

THANK YOU to those that gave towards food we get to take up there. There's still a drought in many areas going on and many in dire need. It's a huge opportunity to pour out Papa Gods massive love for all people and every tribe. Half the truck is loaded with food from California. We had some incredible folks connect us with people that were coming in the country to deliver containers of food from California. Most if it is buckets and buckets of dried peaches, organic baby food, organic brown rice cakes and pouches of chia seed mixed with fruit GMO free.  Haha. How cool is that?!  They have no idea how people in America pay a lot to eat healthy like this and here we are getting to hand it out for free. Such an honor to be part of Jesus' big plans. We weren't sure if they'd like all of it but the mamas were loving the rice cakes and the littles were licking clean the baby food jars.  The other half is food bought by some of you!  It's mostly beans and maize bought locally. Pretty amazing to see their thankfulness and how those that are Christians worship Jesus as a response. 

And next Saturday is the half marathon our new Mattaw running team and I have been training for!!  It'll be in Eldoret. We have 35 on the team but just 5 girls and 5 boys will participate this this particular race. We are coordinating with organizations and schools in the area to do some cross country competitions soon. ANNNND.... We have Race2Rescue event coming up!  The details are being finalized now and tshirt design for this year is almost finished. It'll be in June and it'll be super simple for all to participate in!  So stay tuned :). 

Closing this post with my running jam and theme song this week....

Whether it's in running, missions or whatever Jesus has in front of you to do... "Hear him callin.... give it all away, no more hiding, no more stallin, Give In!"  Let love win :). 


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