19 December 2014

Tukana Goats

As it's just less than a week away from Christmas, we are making final preparations around Mattaw Children's Village. 

As you know, we have three teenage boys that are part of our family. They are originally from Turkana, a very dry and hot region. We have a huge heart for this tribe that often seems tough on the outside but what beautiful people they are. 

This Christmas break our boys went to visit their families for a week and just arrived back home for Christmas. For our very Merry Mattaw Christmas, we purchased four goats to roast for our big Christmas feast!  We bought them from our boy's relatives. A huge thanks to those in America that sent the funds for them because not only will it feed our Mattaw Family, but those that we bought the goats from were in great need of provision for their families. It's a win win situation!  Here's one of our boys. This was actually one of the goats part if the heard he was in charge of before he moved from Turkana into our family in 2012. 

I also learned how Turkana people like to slaughter their animals. In an effort to respect the animal, they slit the throat, let it lay alone while dead. Then skin it and then chop the head off. Our son said it's because they heard the animal and live so close with them for so long until they eat it. Which is true, we've seen how they have names for them, know each goats personality and each goat has a different sound for how they call it to come to them and for when it's time to drink water.  One of our boys older sister that is here visiting for Christmas, was laughing but also complaining at how people here just chop the heads and it's such an injustice to the animal. She's asking to be the one to do the whole process. And I'm sure she will!  But they have no problem at all eating it. Food is food. Especially when it's one of your only options at surviving in the desert. 

Life here is a constant journey of learning about people. I love it. 


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