09 March 2014


Tuanane means see you later in swahili and last week we had to say that A LOT to our friends and family around Mattaw and Kitale.  This past week we took the jump back across the big pond and have landed our feet back in Texas soil.  Oh how bittersweet it always is!  We all kissed our babies and said see you later.

We are back in the grand state of Texas for a few months.  We'll be here to spend time with our family, travel around to visit churches and share about Mattaw and also spend a lot of time with our Garden church family.  What a sweet reunion its been so far to be back with friends and family.

These are a few of my favorite things...  rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens... oh no, no rain or cats... but kids seeing grandparents, back with our son Caleb (he's in his second year of college!), being out at the home of super dear friends over the weekend, being in the new beautiful church building of our church fam,  eating some awesome mexican food, eating chick-fil-a, driving on smooth roads, starbucks, blueberries and raspberries and just getting to actually hug our friends and family.  Phone calls and skype for the past year has been good but man oh man are hugs so sweet!

We of course are missing so much in Kenya too.  It doesn't take long to start missing so many things.  No matter how many times we jump back and forth, there are always things to adjust to.  Like I really thought the parking guy at the airport in Texas was speaking swahili to us.  Not sleeping under a mosquito net at night freaks me out a bit.  It's like going camping outside without a tent.  Plugging in anything and not going to look for a converter first.  Getting in the car on the wrong side.  Having to tell myself which side of the road to turn on when I turn right.  Standing in lines and people giving you space.  Men holding the door open for you when going in a public place.  Going to the grocery store and being overwhelmed by how many options of yoghurt or cereal there is.  Just some normal human things in transitioning cultures.

There are so many updates though that I can actually sit and share with you.  Many stories over the past couple of months that have just floored us with God's love and goodness.  With some stinkin awesome internet, a heart full of testimonies and some adorable pictures, we will get our blog and website full of new posts.  So keep a look out!

One of the most incredible stories I can share with you real quick is that we have officially opened house five.  We were so blessed to open it the day before we left Kitale.  What an absolutely beautiful day of seeing God form a family from his very heart.  What I know and believe is that our God is so very faithful.  He will complete everything He promises to do.  Here's a glimpse into our day of opening Ukarimu House.  Ukarimu means goodness or kindness.  How deep his goodness and kindness is towards children people have left to die.  Psalm 68:6... God sets the lonely in families...


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