06 December 2013

Our little pearl

A little update on one of our Sprouts babies, Lucy lulu.  Since we brought her into our care, she's had a difficult time breathing and eating.  Lucy was diagnosed with cerebral palsey but the dr's said think she will walk before she is five.  We just know she will and praying for God to totally restore her little body.  She is still so small but oh so sweet.  The week before last we were able to take her to a private hospital over an hour away to get surgery.  After x-rays last month, we were told her adenoids were the major problem blocking her air passage and making it hard for her to eat.  When we were told this, she had a throat and ear infection so she needed to heal from that before surgery.  We also needed the funding to do this which we were told would be around $800.  We put the word out on facebook for the need to pay for this and within just HOURS, our family of supporters around the US responded and met this need.  

For those that gave, we can not say thank you enough.

We were completely floored by your response to help our little Lucy.  Here she is sportin her Mexican dress we found donated.  Because we love to be multi-cultural around here :).  

We have another Lucy at Mattaw that is incredibly special and if youve been to Mattaw, you definitely know Lucy.  When we rescued her, we would also call her Lucy lulu.  We found out the swahili meaning of lulu is pearl.  Which for both of our Lucy's is what they are and symbolizes so much of their life.  They've come from such rough and tough backgrounds that almost killed them but instead God used the bad and turned it for good, making them beautiful pearls.  Their smiles light up a room and tell the world what a miracle their life is.  

The week before last, when going for surgery, we thought Lucy would be there for one night and come home the evening after surgery.  It turned out to be a much more difficult healing process for her since she's still malnourished and recovering from neglect.  We just praise God though that she made it through surgery with no problems!  The night of surgery, she had terrible fevers and it turned out to be malaria.  It was heartbreaking to see her in so much pain.  One of our aunties that stayed with her did a wonderful job though.  She's one tough little girl that we knew was already a fighter and would make it through this.  She ended up having to stay five nights and came home last week.  She's still in pain but there have been times where we're so needing Jesus to bring comfort and peace to her and He is faithful to do so.  This morning I discovered that she also is cutting a tooth and it is so bad it was bleeding some.  Her poor little mouth that is not developed to the age she really is, so it can hardly contain a tooth that big coming in!  Please agree with us in prayer that all pain would stop and her body would continue to heal and restore!  Sweet Ryan can hardly stand to see his sister hurt and is so sweet to bounce her in her chair and try to comfort her...

We can already tell though that her breathing is MUCH better.  I'm just ready to see her no longer in pain and eating well again.  Please keep praying for full restoration!    


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